Shinigami of the World

Here I will allow myself to show you all the great and different shinigami I know! Most of them are great friends of mine, though, some don’t accept me in this form (ahem, they do tend to be very into their own appearance). Naturally, I don’t hang out with just everyone, so you will see the most important ones in this album. Feel free to ask me anything you see fitting about my friends.

 Gotei 13, Seiretei, Soul Society

(they each participate in Bleach!)

Shinigami Realm

(a bunch of stars, too – this time it’s Death Note)

I am starting to wonder why haven’t I been in a movie!? >.>

Death and Death the Kid, Death City

And finally, a proper photograph of ME and a fellow shinigami, even Death the Kid came to the photo shoot, too bad he noticed the lack of symmetry in the photographer right when he took the photo. Unfortunately, since that day, I haven’t seen those two, so I have to post this photograph….

(Death’s image belongs to Ch-Thingol )

Komachi Onozuka, Gensoukyou

(yes, she too is a star! She is the only shinigami participating in Touhou Project)

The Shinigami Dispatch Society(a.k.a. Shinigami Haken Kyoukai)

Here are my friends of the Dispatch Society and me. From left to right they are: Ronald Knox, Alan Humphries, William T. Spears, Eric Slingby, me and Grell Sucliff. Lawrence Anderson-kun wasn’t in the mood to be photographed in the big hug of the Undertaker, so instead he took the picture.

Fortunately, they weren’t busy at all that time nor were filming the Kuroshitsuji documentaries and came. Well, Grell mentioned something about Undertaker being irresistible to say no to, but I ignored this statement. Though, Grell-kun might’ve had something else in mind than the usual blabber?

25 thoughts on “Shinigami of the World

  1. I love it here! Shinigami are epics. You need to add Grell Sutcliff and the rest of the Dispatch Association from Kurooshitsuji!

      1. Yep, boy do I know! I’ve been keeping track, and the number of Kishin Eggs has been dramatically decreasing. Tell everyone ‘Good Work!’ for me! ;)

    1. That’s a little spoiler from me. Sorry. Should’ve mentioned it ;) Decided to go with the manga since I wanted the list to be complete and it just should’ve been there. But you should’ve been ncer to a Shinigami, we’re gods, you know… *giving you the spoiled-brat stare*

    1. He was lost and will never regain his soul. Unfortunately, he was too weak to see through Aizen. I did know Tousen too, though. It is sad that a person with such morals had to be so limited in other brain activities.

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