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I know that it’s frustrating when what’s written in the internet is quite different than the show itself, so I’ve decided to make this list in order to help you as well as myself.
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title: 07-GHOST

release date: April 6, 2009 (finished airing September 21, 2009)

Barsburg Empire’s Military Academy is a place known to have always produced valuable and able soldiers who come from the highest of the elite, soldiers who are certain to bring no harm to the name of the Empire. There is a great ability, though, that only the members of the special program can use. It is called “Zaiphon” and is a weapon unlike any other. Usually, this weapon also reflects the true nature of its ‘wielder’.
Teito Klein, though, is a boy whose life will change after he manages to pass the last exam and become a true fighting unit of the Empire. He will need to escape, to fight, to discover, to develop… to understand.

episodes: 25

genre: Shoujo, Fantasy, Magic, Military

main characters: Frau, Ayanami, Teito Klein, Hakuren Oak

creator: Yuki Amemiya (Story)

producers: Studio Deen


release date: February 11, 2007 (finished airing March 3, 2007)

In the three chapters of the story we meet with the characters and follow their dramatic ways of romantic hardships. In the first chapter, based on the motif of cherry blossoms, There is the long journey of love that Takaki-kun takes in order to reunite with his school friend Akari who was the only one like him in their early school years. In Chapter 2, based on the motif of astronautics, we witness the fight of Kanae Sumida to admit her love to a boy she sees every day at school – Toono Takaki. In the last chapter, based on the motif of acceleration (probably of the speed with which people distance oneselves from the others), we listen to the story told by two people… a story of a past life of bliss and joy which has turned into a never-ending monotony of work and grayness.

episodes: 3

genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of life

main characters: Akari Shinohara,Takaki Toono, Kanae Sumida

creator: Makoto Shinkai (Story)

producers: CoMix Wave



title: ANOTHER
release date: December 26, 2011 (finished airing March 27, 2012)

Mei Misaki is an heir to a dreadful family curse. But Kouichi Sakikabara is also cursed. Will the fate of these two young students at the middle school in Yomiyama entwine in such a way that the murderous damnation in class 3-3 would end once and for all? More importantly, how many would need to die this time?

This is a story of thrilling murders and deep thoughts. As the lives of the students from 1998’s Class 3-3 uncover before our very eyes, we witness that even middle school children can be deep and even more than many adults. Mysterious circumstances have created a phenomena of murders and doom. Everyone is certain that something bad will happen. The only question is: When?

episodes: 12

genre: Mystery. Horror, School, Thriller

main characters: Mei Misaki, Kouichi Sakakibara

creator: Yukito Ayatsuji (novel)

producers: Lantis, Kadokawa Shoten, P.A. Works, Toho Company, Sentai Filmworks, The Klock Worx, Bandai Namco Live Creative, NTT Docomo


release date: April 17, 2011 (finished airing October 2, 2011)

There are two mirror-dimensions of the world. One of them is bright and resembles more the world we know – it is the human world of Assiah, the other is Gehenna – the demons’ lair. Although by rule travelling between the two should be impossible, demons have found a way to penetrate the limits of the human world – by possession of an item that usually belongs there. Satan is the king of demons, yet, he cannot find a container strong enough for him to reside for as long as he needs to overtake Assiah. For this reason, one night he decides to create a child – part human, part his – to use him for his plans. A long time had passed since this happened, and his son is already a young man. Rin Okumura, the son of a priest and twin brother of a shy and clumsy boy, needs to decide – will he fight demons and become an exorcist or will he take over the world together with his father – Satan.

episodes: 25

genre: Shounen, Action, Fantasy

main characters: Rin Okumura, Yukio Okumura, Amaimon, Mephisto Pheles, Shiemi Moriyama

creator: Katou Kazue

producers: Aniplex, A-1 Pictures, Aniplex of America


release date: April 4, 2010 (finished airing June 27, 2010)

Kou Ichinomiya is a young man from a contemporary family of honour and dignity. The family’s motto is “Never be indebted to anyone.” Kou, though, even after being raised with such values, ends up being saved from drowning in the Arakawa River by a young girl, whom he becomes obliged to help in order to pay off his ‘debt’. Her name is Nino and she is a little strange (appears that she lives under the bridge and does everything a bit strangely). Her true and strongest wish is to ‘experience love’. This is what Kou has to help her achieve in order to return his pride as a member of his family that does not owe anyone anything.


genre: Comedy, Romance, Seinen

main characters: Nino, Kou Ichinomiya

creator: Hikaru Nakamura

producers: Shaft, Square Enix, Starchild Records, NIS America, Inc.

release date: April 9, 2013 (finished airing July 2, 2013)
Arata Hinohara, an ordinary student in Toyko, is suddenly transferred to a fantasy world as his cross-dimensional twin is taken to the Japanese capital. While the fantasy Arata is struggling with everyday life and communicating with ‘his’ parents, Hinohara is accepted as the wielder of the strongest and most legendary weapon in the fantasy world. He suddenly discovers that he needs to defeat the twelve generals (Shinshou) in order to protect the peace and harmony in the alternate reality.

episodes: 12

genre: School, Supernatural, Adventure, Fantasy

main characters: Kotoha, Arata Hinohara

creator: Yuu Watase

producers: Satelight, Lantis, JM animation



release date: October 6, 2006 (finished airing April 6, 2007)

This is the revolutionary story of Japan but from a different point of view. The story takes place in the late years of the Edo era. Our main character – Yojiro Akizuki is a samurai in the most accurate way one can think of – he serves a master and a cause, he wields a katana and he fights for a reason. His reason is saving and protecting the world from an eternal enemy – an evil Lord who has taken many shapes through centuries of time. Currently, he is residing in the body of Takeaki Enomoto. He is a man of power and is looking forward to defeating the current Emperor and becoming the new ruler himself. Together with the help of a traveling theatre troupe’s chief, Akizuki has to defeat this demon and return the world to its right path.

episodes: 26

genre: Drama, Action, Historical

main characters: Yojiro Akizuki, Yuyama Kakunojou, Takeaki Enomoto, Soutetsu Ibaragi, Toshizou Hijikata

creator: (anime) Ryosuke Takahashi

producers: Sunrise, Bandai Visual


release date: January 9, 2011 (currently airing)

We follow the strongest juvenile delinquent Tastumi Oga who everyone at school should be afraid of. One day, he accidentally gets to meet a toddler who suddenly becomes really attached to him and wouldn’t leave him. Unfortunately for Oga-kun, this baby is the child of the king of Demons and a future heir to the throne and soon enough many strange things happen to the student. This anime is filled with a lot of comedy, interesting characters and a cool new look on the common topic of demon shounen anime.

episodes: 60

genre: Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural, Demons, School, Action

main characters: Tatsumi Oga, Hildegard, Beelzebub IV, Kaiser de Emperana

creator: Ryuuhei Tamura

producers: Studio Pierrot

release date: April 8, 2014 (finished airing July 1, 2014)

Gastrea parasites attack Planet Earth and Cursed Children are born. They are also the only ones who can help remove the infection. Outcasts, hated by society and feared above all, these very young girls are the only choice our world has to save humanity.
Enju Aihara, an Initiator with the Civil Society, will fight against both society and Gastrea so that she and her Promoter Rentarou can bring peace upon the whole planet.

episodes: 13

genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, War

main characters: Enju Aihara, Rentarou Satomi

creator: Shiden Kanzaki (Novel), Saki Ukai (Illustration)

producers: Sentai Filmworks

title: BLEACH

release date: October 5, 2004 (currently airing)

Ichigo Kurosaki is just another 15 year-old high-schooler, fighting off the bullies and hanging out with his best friend Chad(Sado). He has always been a strange boy, though, since he is able to see spirits and even communicate with them. He chooses to help them as much as he can, but this will not be where things end for him for soon enough, human spirits are not all he can see that others cannot. One evening, inside his own home, a huge monster appears and the only one to save his family is a strange girl who he had seen just a few hours earlier. Here starts the story of Ichigo Kurosaku – substitute shinigami.
The story continues with various arcs and a lot of action-filled episodes. The boy grows up to become a young man and is sooner more important than anyone has ever thought. The life of this young Japanese will never be same once he comes to know the Seiretei (a special area in the Soul world) and the Gotei 13 – a highly able unit of shinigami that can fight off any monster they face while aiming to save human souls from losing their way after death and lead them to the safety of Soul Society.

episodes: 366

genre: Action, Shounen, Supernatural, Shinigami

main characters: Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Rukia Kuchiki, Sousuke Aizen, Kisuke Urahara

creator: Tite Kubo

producers: Studio Pierrot, Viz Media

title: BTOOOM!

release date: October 4, 2012 (finished airing December 20, 2012)

This is a survival game where different people are chosen by someone they personally know to be stranded on a deserted island. The only way to escape certain death and return to the real world and their lives is by killing others that have been stranded as well and taking their green chips.
Young Btooom! gamer and fascinator Ryouta Sakamoto is sent to this place by someone close to him, someone he could never even imagine doing it. It might, however, be a good re-educational facility for the 22-year-old lazy man without a job and real education as he finds not only love but also his real self inside of this new multiplayer survival game in real life.
episodes: 12

genre: Survival, Action, Psychological, Seinen

main characters: Ryouta Sakamoto, Himiko

creator: Junya Inoue

producers: Madhouse Studios, Sentai Filmworks



title: CANAAN

release date: July 4, 2009 (finished airing September 26, 2009)

Maria Oosawa is the daughter of a notable super secret researcher who has managed to find an antidote to the extreme Ua virus that turns humans into monsters, but also prove it working. Naturally, the first experiment and prove was his very daughter. This fact, the one that she is still the only living victim of the deathly virus, makes her a thread to two enemy organizations as well as a wanted item for both. Can she survive all attacks? She can but with the help of her odd friend Canaan – a fighter, a contemporary female warrior for hire. Meanwhile, the virus takes more victims with each day. The moment will come when Canaan would have to decide if she wants to help the world and her friends but remember all that she had forsaken about her past or just stay in the ignorant bliss she has subconsciously chosen. Alphard, the enemy, is a powerful and passionate woman that wishes to seed chaos and destroy all that makes her weak. Can she, however, manage to kill something which is already dead?

episodes: 13

genre: Action, Seinen

main characters: Canaan, Alphard Alshaya, Minoru Minorikawa, Maria Oosawa

creator: Koichi Nakamura (game)

producers: P.A. Works, Sentai Filmworks


release date: August 2, 1986

Laputa – a dreamed of land that can bring joy and happiness with its nations’ advanced technologies and admirable knowledge. Such achievements, though, can also prove to be harmful for no one knows what their advancements would be used for by the others. It is the reason why this marvelous land, taking advantage of its immense abilities and all its people have discovered, is moved in the skies – where no one could reach it. It has become the Castle in the Sky. A marvelous story engulfs the myth of Laputa when centuries after its separation from the common world a young girl discovers that she is carrying a precious stone from there around her neck. Moreover, Sheeta ends up understanding that she is an heir to a Laputan family. Trying to run away from everyone who is trying to steal her stone, which can lead its owner to the castle in the sky, and find out about her ancestors, Sheeta meets a young man by the name of Pazu who is ready to help her in the adventure.

This is the first Studio Ghibli animated movie.

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi

main characters: Princess Sheeta, Pazu, Captain Dola

creator: Hayao Miyazaki (director)

producers: Studio Ghibli, Tokuma Shoten, Walt Disney Studios


release date: October 6, 2006 (finished airing July 28, 2007); April 6, 2008 (finished airing September 28, 2008);

Britannia – the world’s most powerful and vastest country. With a great variety of ultra strong and flexible mechanical warriors, which are the main reason for its domination, it is the power all are afraid of. Those who are not a part of it, will become just like Japan which is attacked and defeated with almost no effort by the Britannians, becoming the 11th zone. Japanese people become known as ‘Elevens’ and everyone who doesn’t obey these laws, anyone who dares defy the ruling power and try to proclaim pro-Japanese and anti-Britannian motions is to be publically executed or otherwise severely punished.  However, Japan is a proud nation with proud people and no matter the punishment there will always be an opposition and revolutionist movements. In one single day, these movements become highly aided by a strange and mysterious suddenly appeared man that calls himself Zero. With his strategic thinking and tactics, he becomes the leader of the revolutionist movement in no time. Who would think that behind the mask of an all powerful and extremely intelligent Zero stands a young and skinny high-school student named Lelouch, a former heir to the Britannian throne. Who would think that the revolution is led by the son of the Emperor himself? But he is not alone; he is invincible for another reason, the strange power of Geass given to him by C.C.

episodes: 25+25

genre: Action, Mecha, School, Super Power, Military

main characters: Lelouch Lamperouge, Suzaku Kururugi, C.C.

creator: Ichiro Okouchi and Goro Taniguchi

producers: Sunrise, Mainichi Broadcasting, Bandai Entertainment



title: D. GRAY-MAN

release date: October 3, 2006 (finished airing September 30, 2008)

Innocence – a powerful substance that can unite and/or help a human fight off the children of the demon world known as Akuma. Exorcists – the people who are compatible with Innocence fragments and are able to wield the anti-akuma weapon they are provided with by their fragment. The Millenium Earl – the person who is behind the creation of the vile Akuma aiming to steal the world. Allen Walker – the child that will save them all if he has the strength and will to fight off the dark that lies within him.
Thought at first sight this shounen anime doesn’t sound like anything much too new and innovative, in reality D.Gray man is the akuma-shounen anime of all times. It has romance, comedy and drama in one and people really do feel for the characters who are not all bishounen, though a lot of them are.
(Sadly, the anime hasn’t been restarted once it cut off at episode 103. However, there are many manga chapters awaiting to be animated and even more fans who are willing to watch it.)

episodes: 103

genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Shounen

main characters: Allen Walker, LenaLee Lee, Yuu Kanda, Lavi, Millenium Earl, Timcanpy

creator: Katsuna Hoshiro

producers: TV Tokyo, Aniplex, Dentsu, TMS Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment


release date: April 5, 2007; October 8, 2009 (finished airing September 28, 2007; December 24, 2009)

Everything revolves around two strange places that occur like black holes on the planet – Heaven’s and Hell’s Gates. The latter… a sudden wall that separates an area of Tokyo. With its appearance the real stars have disappeared as well as a lot of people. There are various mysteries that lie beneath the wall, but only a chosen few have the right to enter the facilities there. Together with the strange occurrences around Hells’ Gate, people also suffer changes. Many become contractors and have superhuman abilities that allow them to either cause harm or mayhem or fight the ones who do it. Hei is one of the latter. But why contractors? Because they sign some type of a contract in order to have the super abilities they want. After or together with every use of the power, the contracted needs to perform a ritual which is often something they would hate like smoking, drinking or hurting their own bodies. He and his friend Yin are a part of a group, members of a secret organization that fights to show to the world what lies behind the Wall. They are both contractors, but not just any contractors – Hei is one of the most powerful of them and Yin is a detector-type – she might look blind at first, but in reality she can see a lot more than the common person.

episodes: 25+12

genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-fi, Super power

main characters: Hei, Yin, Huang, Mao

creator: Tensai Okamura

producers: Bones, Aniplex, Square Enix, FUNimation Entertainment



release date: October 4, 2006 (finished airing June 27, 2007)

A thrilling mind game between the world’s greatest detective and a prodigal student. We follow the life of Light Yagami – the son of the local police department’s chief, brother of a young teenager girl and a top student – from the moment he finds the Death Note on. The Death Note is the notebook of a Shinigami – a God of Death that, whenever a man’s time has come, writes this man’s name on the pages, thus, putting an end to his life. It is a notebook that should not be used by humans for it usually leads to devastations falls in the hands of a true genius, who, however, falls into the trap at once and begins thinking about world domination. In reality, though, first he needs to fight off the greatest mind in the world – a top detective and a name engulfed in secrecy. Suspense grows as questions arise: Would Light be the one to find out L’s true name first or will L find out the truth about ‘Kira’ – the one who mysteriously manages to murder criminals even while they’re under a 24-hour surveillance.

episodes: 37

genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller

main characters: Light Yagami, L Lawlet, Misa Amane, Ryuk

creator: Tsugumi Ohba

producers: Madhouse Studios, VAP, Konami, Viz Media, Ashi Productions


release date: April 5, 2013 (finished airing June 28, 2013)
Everything happens within the span of 7 days. Polaris is ‘existence’ itself and by its judgement, humanity’s world will be reborn. Before that, however only one human needs to survive the seven Septentriones that will attack Japan in various locations. Hibiki Kuze and his two friends Io Nitta and Daichi Shijima are one opponent of the daemons. The JP, led by Yamato Houtsuin, are the other. Although facing the same enemy, the two sides walk their own paths.

episodes: 13

genre: Apocalypse, Fantasy, Game, Action, Daemons

main characters: Hibiki Kuze, Yamato Houtsuin, Ureumono ‘Alcor’

creator: Atlus (game)

producers: Index, Bridge, Pony Canyon, Atlus


title: DURARARA!!

release date: January 8, 2010 (finished airing June 25, 2010)

Ikebukuro… a world of its own inside Tokyo. There, powerful battles of mind, body and soul take place. A mysterious headless biker is seeking her long-lost memories. This is a place where everyone belongs to a gang, or has set the skeleton for one. There, an inhumanly strong bartender sets fear in the mind of everyone, without even being a part of any gang. There, a great mind plays tricks on everyone.

This is the new home of Mikado Ryugamine.  His world will never be the same starting the day he met his childhood friend Kida and, once more, became his classmate.

episodes: 24

genre: Fantasy, Urban, School, Romance, Gore, Swords, Folklore (Celtic), Shinigami

main characters: Kida Masaomi, Izaya Orihara, Shizuo Heiwajima, Celty Sturluson

creator: Ryohgo Narita (Light Novel)

producers: Brains Base, Aniplex, Sakura Create



release date: February 5, 2006 (finished airing August 12, 2006)

In the year 7207, humanity has gone through a huge ecological disaster rendering most of the planet inhabitable. People are accompanied by faithful android-like machines called AutoReivs that are helping them face all challenges. What would happen when a virus appears and threatens to turn the AutoReivs against the remaining humanity? And is this all related to the vicious beasts appearing in Romdeau city and murdering human after human? These are the questions that Inspector Re-l Mayer and her companions would like answers to.

episodes: 23

genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Psychological

main characters: Re-l Mayer, Vincent Law, Pino, Ergo Proxy

creator: Dai Sato (Script), Naoyuki Onda (Character Design), Hideto Komori (Chief Animation Director)

producers: Geneon Universal Entertainment, Manglobe, FUNimation Entertainment, Sakura Create, WOWOW




release date: July 19, 2008

The story of Ariel but in a different nature. Ponyo is the rebellious daughter of the sea’s greatest sorcerer, who by the way loves her extremely much and is ready to fulfil any wish of hers. But there is one thing he couldn’t ever realize for her and this is making her human. But young Ponyo finds another way to accomplish this and soon enough is a little fish found by a young boy named Sousuke. The two of them engage in an adventure that can happen to any child who has found a new friend who is not entirely human. The movie, though, brings along a lot of fantasy and imagination and turns this otherwise possible story into a fiction to fall in love with.

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Fantasy

main characters: Ponyo, Sousuke

creator: Hayao Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli, Dentsu, d-rights, Toho Company, Walt Disney Studios


release date: April 1, 2006 (finished airing June 24, 2006)

Ito finds himself enrolled into an elite all-boys academy where everyone has a special talent. It is a place for the privileged, so he has some hard times trying to feel in place. In reality, there are some minor misunderstandings around his entry into Bell Libery Academy, but as a whole he is easily accepted by everyone including Endo. Moreover, Ito seems to be attracted in a way to this student. But would he ever manage to get closer and become friends with him whilst also trying to find his true self within the walls of this school?

episodes: 13

genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen Ai

main characters: Keita Ito, Kazuki Endo

creator: Spray

producers: Geneon Universal Entertainment, Tokyo Kids, Visual Art’s, Media Blasterss

title: GANGSTA
release date: July 02, 2015 (finished airing September 24, 2015)
Meet the “tags” – second generation of a wrecked world. They have superhuman abilities, but also suffer because of it. Short lifespans, sicknesses and odd conditions are not enough, however. They also must follow the three rules:
Hitotsu – No intentional damage to be dealt on humans.
Futatsu – Always obey human orders, unless they conflict with the first rule.
Mittsu – Unless conflicting with the first two rules, a Tag must defend themselves.
Nicolas is a tag and he serves Mr Worick Arcangelo. Alex is a prostitute who murdered her pimp. The three of them will have to fight for their lives in Ergastulum.
episodes: 12

genre: Seinen, Yakuza, Action, Drama

main characters: Nicolas Brown, Worick Arcangelo, Alex Benedetto

creator: Kohske

producers: Bandai Visual, Manglobe, Frontier Works, FUNimation Entertainment


release date: July 29, 2006

Gedo Senki is about the magical story of an odd adventure taken on by Ged, a wandering wizard, who meets up with young Prince Arren. In the beginning, the prince looks like a normal teenage, even a bit too shy for his position, but with time the wizard manages to understand that his newfound ‘friend’ also has a dark side that grants him any strength and power it needs in order to fulfill his wishes. This plotline is intercepted by a couple of dragons and a bit of romance to make a combination of fantasy and magic.

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Magic

main characters: Tehanu, Lebannen, Ged, Tenar

creator: Goro Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli


release date: April 15, 1988

Seita is a young boy who, at the end of World War II, and together with his little sister Setsuko, is trying to find a way to continue their lives in a world where fear and war rules and no one is ready to help them. Two orphaned children fighting for survival without food, money or family to take them in. Grave of the fireflies is a movie about brotherly love and the position of a head of a family that Seita has suddenly taken even though his frail age and body. Setsuko, on the other hand, is blissfully ignorant of what I happening around her to the very end, making the people around her feel at least a bit easier and happier.

episodes: 1

genre: Drama, Historical

main characters: Seita, Setsuko

creator: Isao Takahata

producers: Studio Ghibli, ADV Films, Central Park Media




release date: April 4, 2010 (finished airing June 20, 2010)

Chizuru Yukimura is a young girl, a daughter to an Edo doctor who is often out of town. One day, concerned and maybe a bit scared for her future and the life of her father, she decides to dress like a boy and seek for her parent in Kyoto. Soon, she witnesses a couple of supernatural creatures, looking more like vampire-samurai than human, being killed by governmental officers. After this event, she is taken in by the Shinsengumi. When she awakes and finds out she has been sleeping in their current headquarters, and also remembering the fight between the humanoid oni and the Shinsengumi, she decides to join them. Naturally, no samurai would be happy with a girl amongst his men, but they are ready to help her find her father in Edo. While travelling and adventuring along the way they start changing themselves, but not like the usual man would change – something darker and more supernatural is happening in this story.

episodes: 12

genre: Action, Historical, Shoujo, Supernatural (very Bishounen)

main characters: Toshizo Hijikata, Souji Okita, Chizuru Yukimura, Shinpachi Nagakura, Sanosuke Harada, Hajime Saito

creator: Ruru

producers: Studio Deen


release date: October 11,2001 (finished airing January 17, 2002)

We follow the events around a special secret organization called “Hellsing” that is carrying out a very hard job at keeping hidden what should be hidden to the people – vampires and everything that can be considered such or works with them. Integra Hellsing inherits the organization at a young age, but very soon becomes a respected director, so respected that even Alucard, an extremely strong vampire who has been kept in chains in Hellsin, vows his loyalty to her. With the help of this maniacally powerful vampire, Hellsing is almost undefeatable, but even the anti-heroic and sometimes too creepy powers of Alucard cannot save Hellsing from what is about to come, at least not as easily as they usually do. Victoria Seras is a half-human half-vampire created by the organization in order to openly be able to use vampire-like abilities in actual battles, and to be able to control them (since Alucard has not pledged to Hellsing, but to Integra herself), but what will come of such an experiment?

episodes: 13

genre: Action, Mystery, Horror, Super Power, Vampire, Seinen

main characters: Alucard, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, Victoria Seras

creator: Kouta Hirano

producers: Gonzo, Pioneer LDC


release date: January 10, 2014 (April 4, 2014)
We follow Hoozuki-sama, the daemon assistant to the King of the Japanese Hell – Enma Daiou. Hoozuki is a stern, charming daemon with an affinity towards order and punishing wrongdoers accordingly, sometimes being an exemplary fighter with an abnormally heavy and rather large club with spikes. Emna Daiou, on the other hand, is a well-fed lord with a light-hearted attitude and can sometimes become the centre of attention just because of the presented lack of intellect.
Japan’s Hell is a wonderful place with almost 300 different places where people are sent according to their premortem wrongdoings. From utterly heated lava-filled rivers to the coldest, freezing mountains imaginable – Koko wa Jigoku!
episodes: 13

genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Hell, Daemons, Supernatural

main characters: Hoozuki, Enma Daiou

creator: Natsumi Eguchi

producers: Starchild Records, Mainichi Broadcasting, Sentai Filmworks, Wit Studio



release date: November 20, 2004

Sophie is a young and pretty, but shy girl who works in a hat shop with her family.
Howl is a wizard, but of the worst kind – he is arrogant, self-centred, likes to keep things private, if not even closed to the other world, sophisticated, handsome and so strong that can make even the worst fire god fall under his control and become a tiny sparkle that will light his fireplace at the owner’s demand.
What happens when Sophie suddenly becomes enchanted by an evil spell that turns her into an old woman? Why, she goes to search for Howl, naturally, the only person who can help her. But will the odd wizard do it or will he rather shoo her away? And how will the Witch of the Waste react to the new companion that has appeared by Howl’s side?

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

main characters: Howl, Sophie Hatter, Marki, Witch of the Waste, Calcifer

creator: Diana Wynne Jones (novel)

producers: Studio Ghibli, d-rights, Tokuma Shoten, Walt Disney Studios




release date: April 11, 2012 (finished airing December 26, 2012)

Koko Hekmatyar and her brother Kasper are the children of war, but not in the usual sense of this phrase. Both of them are dealing arms to countries, private corporations and rich men all around the globe. Something differs one form the other, though. While Kasper wants to keep on being an arms dealer and have power as such, Koko dreams of a new order, of a world with no possibility of a war. The path to this future is called Jormungand and it includes collaboration between the greatest minds of the world and one great challenge.

episodes: 24

genre: Action, Adventure, Seinen, War

main characters: Koko Hekmatyar, Jonathan “Jonah” Mar

creator: Keitarou Takahashi

producers: FUNimation EntertainmentL, White Fox (Geneon Universal Entertainment, Shogakukan Productions)



release date: April 10, 2008 (finished airing June 27, 2008)

Young Misaki Takahashi is a struggling student, preparing for entrance exams. His brother Takahiro really wants him to succeed, so he contacts his childhood friend, heartthrob, genius and an award-winning writer Akihiko Usami and asks him to be Misaki’s tutor. Later on, we see Akihiko is a serious handful for the 18 year-old boy, being in love with his older brother, a plush toys aficionado and a total spoilt brat, estranged from his family… The funny thing is that you actually believe the characters, their emotions and reactions, because everything comes really natural. The story development never stops as new characters are added to the initial ones. We see Akihiko’s frantic editor Eri Aikawa, Minami (Takahiro’s fiancée), the glamorous women, surrounding the successful writer and many, many more.

episodes: 12

genre: Comdey, Drama, Romance, Shounen-ai

main characters: Misaki Takahashi, Akihiko Usami, You Miyagi, Hiroki Kamijou, Shinobu Takatsuki

creator: Shungiku Nakamura

producers: Studio Deen



title: K anime

release date: October 5, 2012 (finished airing December 28, 2012)

During WWII the bright scientist Adolf K. Weismann finds a mysterious power source that can make ordinary beings extraordinary. Disgusted by the war, he creates a new world order, where the rulers are The Kings of Colour and he is the origin of all, the Immortal. However, death comes to all others and once the Colourless king has to be reborn for the 7th time, things  go horribly wrong. The successor of the throne (who is supposedly the high school student Yashiro Isana) is suspected in murder and chased by his predecessor’s loyal samurai. When the Silver, Red and Blue kings join the chase, more questions arise as no one is sure who the Colourless king really is.


genre: Action, Supernatural

main characters: Isana Yashiro, Yatogami Kuroh, Mikoto Suoh, Munakata Reishi

creator: GoRAxGoHands

producers: Starchild Records, Viz Media, Mainichi Broadcasting, GoHands, The Klock Worx

title: KARAS

release date: March 25, 2005 (finished airing October 26, 2007)
The story revolves around the city of Tokyo – one of the many homes of youkai and other mysterious existences. We meet with Yurine – the grand priestess of all youkai. She is created by the city to protect the area and all magical beings inside of it. A rogue Karas who threatens the wellbeing of the city. To work against that evil, she borrows the powers of a Karas – usually a former human who has encountered death and is no longer simply human. Through hardships and various obstacles, we witness the change of heart of a number of Yurine, more than one Karas protectors and a couple of Mikura brothers.
episodes: 6

genre: Mecha, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Action, Mystical, Companionship, CGI

main characters: Yousuke Otoha, Yurine, Eko Hoshunin, Nue

creator: Keiichi Satou

producers: Showgate, Tatsunoko Production


release date: January 10, 2009 (finished airing December 26, 2009)

The story begins as Erin, a young girl in a touda-raising village, decides to become a great beast veterinarian like her mother. As Erin strives to become such a doctor, she discovers that it is not just smiles and laughter. As her mother is brutally eaten alive by touda beasts right before the young girl’s eyes, she finally understands that rules sometime bring misfortune and pain. On her way to achiving greatness without following those same rules, the young Erin travels through the whole country and reaches the hearts of even the Queen and the Princess. While keeping true to herself and bring up a beast lord alone at the Kazalm Academy, the girl from the secluded mist tribe finds love, friendship and a father figure.
episodes: 50

genre: Drama, Fantasy

main characters: Erin

creator: Nahoko Uehashi (novel)

producers: Lantis, Kadokawa Shoten, P.A. Works, Toho Company, Sentai Filmworks, The Klock Worx, Bandai Namco Live Creative, NTT Docomo



release date: July 22, 1989

Kiki is a young witch, just turned 13 who, seeing a bright full-mooned night, decides to start her training to become a true witch, just like her mother. Kiki, however, hasn’t had the education in potions her mother could’ve given her (due to lack of time and the changed times) and all she can do is flying. Going away from her happily married mother and father, Kiki is accompanied only by her cute black cat Jiji. She dreams of going to a big city near the sea from where she can start her own business as the town’s witch. This, however, doesn’t prove to be as easy as she has initially planned. Yes, at first she manages to find a big, coastal city that was still unoccupied by a witch, but without a place to live, an idea of a business and with almost no money, Kiki’s facing a hard life. Lady Osono to the rescue! This woman is the pregnant owner of a bakery and due to lucky circumstances, Kiki ends up not only living at the vacant room upstairs the bakery but also running a delivery business from there. After all, a flying delivery girl is something everyone would use, right? Love follows fast as she meets a blunt, cute boy with glasses who is ready to show Kiki how us, non-magical people, can learn to fly.

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Magic, Romance, Slice of Life

main characters: Kiki, Jiji, Osono

creator: Hayao Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli, Studio Hibari, Walt Disney Studios


release date: January 6, 2012 (finished airing March 30, 2012; OVA from October 16, 2013)

Kill Me Baby is a comedy anime mainly set in a school environment. It revolves around the everyday moments of two classmates – Sonya-chan (an assassin who’s just moved to this school) and Yasuna Oribe (an ordinary student and girl). They are also joined-in by secondary characters Agiri Goshiki (a ninja from the same school) and Unused Character (unlucky little girl).

episodes: 13 + 1 OVA

genre: Comedy, School, Seinen

main characters: Sonya, Yasuna Oribe

creator: Kazuho

producers: J.C. Staff, Pony Canyon, TBS, Magic Capsule, Sentai Filmworks, Pony Canyon Enterprises

title: KUROSHITSUJI (Black Butler)

release date: October 24, 2008; July 2, 2010 (finished airing March 26, 2009; September 17, 2010)

Follows the story of a young master named Ciel Phantomhive and his fight versus evil demons in order to safe his country, Victorian-era Britain, and the Queen. He is aided by the supernatural abilities of his butler. Sebastian Michaelis is a high-level demon who, in exchange to the very tasty soul of young Phantomhive, has signed a contract to serve. Many adventures and obstacles will come in the way, but will they manage to survive all of them?

episodes: 24+12

genre: Demons, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural (slight shounen ai fanservice), Shinigami

main characters: Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis

creator: Yana Toboso

producers: Aniplex, A-1 Pictures, Square Enix, FUNimation Entertainment




release date: April 5, 2013 (finished airing June 28, 2013)

In the 36th century’s reality, where people are freely travelling in space and inhabit new planets within The Milky Way, there is a great war between the two main powers – the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance that has been going on for 150 years. With two new geniuses born on each side, would this endless fight end? After so many centuries, is humanity finally getting close to peace and which regime would bring it to them The Empire’s autocracy or The Alliance’s democracy?

episodes: 110 (OVA)

genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Space, Military

main characters: Reinhard von Lohengramm, Yang Wenli, Siegfried Kircheis, Paul von Oberstein, Oskar von Reuenthal, Wolfgang Mittermeyer, Walter von Schenkopp, Frederica Greenhill, Julian Minci, Hildegard von Mariendorf

creator: Yoshiki Tanaka

producers: Artland, Kitty Films


title: LEVEL E

release date: January 11, 2011 (finished airing April 5, 2011)

Baka Ouji (no, it doesn’t mean a Stupid Prince, ‘Baka’ is his name! although the pun is surely intended) is the current Prince, probable future King of a great race. With an unimaginable intellect, even for his advanced race, Baka Ouji is surely going to have some fun on the Planet Earth where he lands in an attempt to once again escape responsibilities. Even though he has his trusted guards, head of which is Kraft, there is hardly any way for the Prince to miss out on all the possible pranks, jokes and menaces he can create. However, will all other races on the Earth leave him have things his way?

episodes: 13

genre: Comedy, Sci-fi, Shounen

main characters: Prince Baka Ki El Dogra

creator: Yoshihiro Togashi

producers: Studio Pierrot, Aniplex, David Production



release date: April 7, 2008 (finished airing September 29, 2008)

Akira believes he is just a common, perfectly normal student of an ordinary Japanese school. That is until one day, after helping a friend find a forgotten item at school he is attacked by a shadow monster. Not knowing what to do, the boy trust himself in the hands of Shirogane – a mystery man who appeared out of nowhere ready to help and fight off the monster. After this first action-meeting with Shirogane’s powers, Akira understand that he is destined for greatness and his days of sloth are already over. By the words of the strange Shirogane, he is to achieve a balance between the two worlds – the one of light and one of shadows through closing gates that appear, slicing open the walls that usually separate them. But what is Shirogane’s real intention and why does it all need to be so secretive?

episodes: 24

genre: Action, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Shounen

main characters: Akira Nikaido, Shirogane

creator: Kairi Sorano

producers: Genco, A.C.G.T.


release date: October 7, 2008 (finished airing December 30, 2008)

Many mysteries happen in this thrilling story where an officer of the law, a reporter, a writer, Onmyouji and antique bookseller unite to unravel what lies beneath the veil of insecurity and drama that covers the lives of many who have been touched by the hand of a strange murderer. His Modus Operandi is nothing else but dismembering, his habit – arranging different part of his victims in boxes, his victims – young girls. There is only one reason boxes are closed and it is that they shouldn’t be opened.

episodes: 13

genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller, Seinen

main characters: Akihiko Chuzenji, Reijiro Enokizu, Shutaro Kiba, Tastumi Sekiguchi, Morihiko Toriguchi

creator: Natsuhiko Kyougoku

producers: Madhouse Studios


release date: April 16, 1988

As Satsuki and Mei’s father takes them with him to a new home in the country side, the two discover that there are many strange things that can happen when Nature is around you. Totoro is a their Neighbour that is strange, slightly lazy and very big. He is a kind of a forest spirit that can make sprouts grow faster and introduces the two siblings to a cat-bus that can take them anywhere they want. Even though Totoro doesn’t speak, there is hardly a person who wouldn’t understand his good nature and the love he has for all living creatures and things. Though, he can only be seen through the eyes of a child.

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

main characters: Totoro, Satsuki Kusakabe, Mei Kusakabe

creator: Hayao Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli, Studio Fantasia, Walt Disney Studios



release date: April 6, 2008 (finished airing September 28, 2008)

In the middle of an interninja war where every separate clan wishes to have the hidden weapons of the others in order to rule them all, one of these weapons – the hijutsu “Shinrabanshou” – appears to be hidden within the body of an apathetic 14 year old boy by the name of Muharu Rokujo. The Shinrabanshou needs to be protected by the clan whose it belongs to and this is how Miharu gets to enter the world of the ninja, samurai and everything else one would usually consider an unrealistic myth. On top of the inhuman strength, speed and flexibility of the ninja, Miharu gets to understand of other weapons such as himself. Yoite is one of these weapons, but as his power is progressing, his life force is decreasing. Will Miharu manage to help his newfound friend or at least ease his pain? Would the teenage boy be able to keep the balance between the ninja world and his own one?

episodes: 26

genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

main characters: Miharu Rokujo, Yoite, Kouichi Aizawa, Thobari Durandal Kumohira

creator: Yuhki Kamatani

producers: J.C. Staff, Square Enix, FUNimation Entertainment

title: NARUTO

release date:October 3, 2002 (finished airing February 8, 2007)

A young boy named Naruto Uzumaki is the village’s menace and a jester – he paints the Hokage’s mountain, he disrespects his teachers, he takes everything as a joke, even his exams. He is hardly passing his tests and is often made fun of even by teachers. But is the life of the young boy who dreams to be, no, who will be a Hokage one day, as easy and fun as he makes it look. In reality, he is estranged because of a past so distant, that he could’ve been too young to even actually participate in. Yet, he is the sign of a war that has taken many victims; he is the sign of the evil that had once engulfed the entire world and not only Konoha Village; he is the container for one of the most evil and dangerous spirits in history – the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox – Kyuubi (the village’s secret weapon). Yet, even with such a power, Naruto will not be able to grow up to be a Hokage without understand what truly is meaningful in life and also – true friendship.

episodes: 220

genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Ninja, Shounen, Super Power

main characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Orochimaru

creator: Masashi Kishimoto

producers: Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo, Aniplex, Viz Media


release date: February 15, 2007 (currently airing)

After two years of extreme training with his new sensei, Naruto returns to Konoha only to find himself facing even more hardships and heavy burdens. The Kyuubi still resides inside him, but there are even more problems arising as now a mercenary organization going by the name Aktsuki is not the only side that is after Konoha’s destruction but also the very person Naruto wishes to save – Sasuke. New villains arise as we understand that even the dead from the past can arise to fight and attempt to take over the world. The atmosphere in this series is a lot heavier than the initial Naruto, but the comedy is still there, ready to lighten the spirits when the time is right.

episodes: –

genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Ninja, Shounen, Super Power

main characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Tobi/Madara Uchiha, Orochimaru, Kakashi Hatake, Tsunade, Jiraya

creator: Masashi Kishimoto

producers: Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo, Aniplex, Viz Media


release date: March 11, 1984

After a long and heavy global war, only a few populated areas are still in existence on Earth. The Valley of the Wind is one of them, but the future of its people is at stakes because Nature is about to take over the planet in order to heal it. However, for Princess Nausicaa and her friends, this is not a solution to the problems that have arisen since the end of the war (a thousand years before the story) – hunger, limited supplies and most of all the huge human-eating insects called ohmu. Is there something that can help both Nausicaa and the ohmu without the humans and nature to have to fight each other or is violence the only option?

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Fantasy

main characters: Nausicaa, Lord Yupa, Kushana, Asbel

creator: Hayao Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli, Studio Hibari, Topcraft, Walt Disney Studios



release date: April 6, 2008;July 6, 2008 (finished airing Jun 29, 2008; September 28, 2008)

Revolves around the Queen’s Egg or the unborn all-powerful protector of the world of Arcadia and beyond. The Queen’s Egg is not only one; she is many but only one of them will manage to develop and become the true essence of what her role is. Angelique is a young student in an all-girl school and has no idea what is expecting her when she gets to meet a few handsome young men in the same day in which she is told that Noblesse Oblige to her means acting like the real keeper of the balance.

episodes:13 + 13

genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

main characters: Angelique, Nyx, Rayne, J.D.

creator: Shin Katagai (director)

producers: Yumeta Company, Koei, Sentai Filmworks


title: NO.6

release date: July 8, 2011 (finished airing September 6, 2011)

In a simulated perfect world where everything is under strict surveillance, even what people do at home and the existence of a person depends on the database of the government, Nezumi, a young boy with frail looks, escapes his correctional facility. Wounded and tired, at the end of his powers, he finds himself saved by a funny boy going by the name Shion – a perfect citizen, living in a perfect home with his perfect mother. But this perfect action of saving Nezumi’s life will end the idyllic happiness of Shion. Soon, they will both find themselves against not only the law but also against a mysterious killing insect that endangers the lives of everyone inside the wall of the place known as No.6.

episodes: 11

genre: Action, Sci-fi, Shounen-ai

main characters: Nezumi, Shion

creator: Atsuko Asano

producers: Bones, Aniplex, Fuji TV, Sentai Filmworks

title: NURARIHYON NO MAGO (Sennen Makyou)

release date: July 6, 2010; July 3, 2011 (finished airing December 21, 2010; December 18, 2011)

The young 12-13-year-old Rikuo of the Nura clan has a hard time finding his way in the world and the right place for himself. In his veins runs a quarter of the blood of the great leader of (at least) 10,000 monsters – Nurarihyon while the other ¾ are entirely human. Having lost his father at a very young age, he is cared for by the multiple youkai that live in his family mansion and the horde of beasts that serve his grandfather.

By deciding to stay both human and youkai, Rikuo has to deal with problems from both sides, but a great dangerous shadow is casting darkness over both worlds as Abe no Seimei, the great onmiouji/youkai resurrects from the womb of Haguromo-Gitsune.

episodes: 24+24

genre: Action, Shounen, Fantasy

main characters: Rikuo Nura

creator: Hiroshi Shiibashi

producers: Studio Deen





release date: July 20, 1991

We follow the story of Taeko Okajima and her emotional and sensitive way back home, both figuratively and literally so. She is a typical contemporary woman who, however, comes from a farmer’s land and has a lot of history related to nature and the past. As Taeko-san travels from the big city for a short stay with her relatives in Yamagata Prefecture, she is reminded of her past, of her as a child in 5th grade. Why is it exactly then, she asks herself, but we will all understand the connection as the time spent with positive people and in the nature, together with the young Taeko Okajima-chan, will help her reconsider the choices she had made and the path she had taken on.

episodes: 1

genre: Drama, Slice of Life

main characters: Hirota, Taeko Okajima

creator: Hotaru Okamoto(story) and Yuko Tone (art)

producers: Studio Ghibli, Tokuma Shoten



release date: April 5, 2006 (finished airing September 27, 2006)

Ouran High School Host Club is a story of a special host club where six young gentlemen enjoy wasting their time by wasting their guests’ time. It all changes, however, when a reverse trap named Haruhi breaks a very expensive vase in their club room… A debt is in place and paying one has never been as fun!

episodes: 26

genre: Shoujo, Romance, Slice-of-Life, School, Bishounen

main characters: Haruhi Fujioka, Tamaki Suoh, Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin, Mitsukuni Hanizuka, Takashi Morinozuka and Kyouya Ootori

creator: Bisco Hatori

producers: VAP, NTV, Bones




release date: April 2, 2009 (finished airing September 24, 2009)

There is this world and then there is the Abyss. These two places are as different as they can be. But they are also very connected. In a world where nothing is what it seems, people are able to chain themselves to a special monster/demon in the Abyss and gain the power of the “Chain”. It may sound like something worthwhile, but would you think so when you know that each time you use that power, your own life force is being sucked out of you and you are gaining speed towards the darkness? Alice and Oz are connected though the power of the Chain, but is it all that is there?
The story is intertwined and strongly connected to what has happened many years ago when a tragedy has happened killing many and damaging the lives of even more. Will the one responsible for this be reborn before Alice finds out her past or will the Will of the Abyss be reinforced by a third party in order to once again cause the tragedy of Sablier?

episodes: 25

genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

main characters: Alice, Break Xerxes, Gilbert Nightray, Sharon Rainshworth, Oz Vessalius

creator: Jun Mochizuki

producers: Xebec, Square Enix, NIS America, Inc., flying DOG


release date: April 9, 1982 (finished airing May 13, 1983)

Patarillo! is a story about the weird and extravagant young monarch of the isle of Malynera (the land of eternal spring). The just-appointed king Patalliro du Malyner VIII has to face the International Diamond Syndicate – a monstrous criminal organization, aiming to assassinate him and take control over Malynera – the country known to produce an excess of diamonds. To protect him, the British government sends one of its best MI6 agents – the one and only Major Jack Barbarossa Bancoran. Known to possess the ultimate weapon – a stare irresistible for all bishounen, Major Jack is also referred to as “Bishounen Killer”. The meeting of the pretentious English BL machine with the less-than-acceptably looking young king Patalliro triggers situations you can not even imagine. Combine this with some assassination attempts, undercover agents and some mesmerising quirks and you’ll be ready for the series of adventures that follow in the 24 episodes.

episodes: 24

genre: Adventure, Comedy, Shounen Ai, Shoujo

main characters: Patalliro du Malyner VIII, Jack Barbarossa Bancoran, Maraich Justchenfe

creator: Mineo Maya (Story & Art)

producers: Magic Bus


release date: October 8, 2003 (finished airing March 24, 2004)

Tetsunosuke is a young lad who has suffered through a lot. After witnessing the brutal murders of his parents he is left with an immense burden on his mind and the evil, demonic eyes of the one who took them away from him. His brother Tatsunosuke is the only one he has left. One day, to the great surprise of everyone, Testu decides to audition for the Shinsengumi – the governmental forces who are famous as brutal and cruel, but at the same time, are against the very organization that Testu believes to have killed his family. With the entry of Tetsu in the Shinsengumi as the page of Hijikata-san our story begins. With the years Testu will change and prove himself, but will the Mibu wolves be able to swallow their pride and allow a chibi samurai in their lists? Would Testu be able to find the man who killed his parents and left him psychically damaged forever? Will Testu manage to become the Peacemaker his father once told him to be?

episodes: 24

genre: Action, Comedy, Historical, Ninja, Samurai, Shounen

main characters: Tetsunosuke Ichimura, Tatsunosuke Ichimura, Toshizo Hijikata, Souji Okita

creator: Nanae Chrono

producers: Gonzo, GDH, TV Asahi, Imagica


release date: February 28, 1998

The anime movie is an adaptation by director Satoshi Kon and screenwriter Sadayuki Murai. Character design is also created by Kon-sensei. The original story comes from the homonymous novel by Yoshikazu Takeuchi and is about the young Mima Kirigoe and her life as an idol in a moment in time where life is not as great as one would have though it should be. A life filled with insecurity and despair is what follows the decision to change, but ultimately turns into a betrayal not by Mima, as her fans thought, but by someone really close to her.

episodes: 1

genre: Psychological, Thriller, Suspense

main characters: Mima Kirigoe, Me-Mania, Rumi Hikada

creator: Yoshikazu Takeuchi (novel), Satoshi Kon (director)



release date: May 02, 1999 (finished airing March 23, 1999)
Count D is the strange owner of the Petshop of Horrors, also known as just a pet shop in Chinatown. While The Count is always resident at the store, the real owner is claimed to be always travelling, trying to discover new items for the store.
“Count D”, as the current Count says, is the title given to his grandfather, but with everyone in their family so much similar to each other, the secrets of who and what does “D” mean becomes more interesting than ever. Inspector Orcot’s investigation of disappearances, murders and more severe crimes leads him to the Petshop and the Count. However, discovering the truth around the strange man seems the hardest of it all.
episodes: 4

genre: Fantasy, Horror, Police, Supernatural

main characters: Count D, Inspector Leon Orcot

creator: Matsuri Akino

producers: Madhouse, Trans Arts, TBS, Sentai Filmworks

title: POM POKO

release date: June 13, 1994

Tokyo is growing and the big city is engulfing smaller areas all the time. One of these areas is inhabited by a group of tanuki spirits and they are not ready to give up on their lands. They try to use all possible abilities they have in order to save their habitat. As two of them transform into humans and go to search for the three sages in Shikoku who would help them, the others try everything they can to slow down the progress of the developers.

episodes: 1

genre: Fantasy, Kids, Mythology

main characters: tanuki spirits

creator: Isao Takahata

producers: Kyoto Animation, Studio Ghibli, Daiei, Walt Disney Studios


release date: July 18, 1992

An anime with a Mediterranean sense of beauty and danger. “Porco” Rosso is a flying ace whose face has been turned into a pig’s head (porco means pig) by a strange and unknown spell. He is not estranged from the world, not more than he could be anyway. Due to his great abilities in the air, soon Porco finds himself facing two great fights – the fight to survive in the air when another pilot is hired to eliminate him and the fight for the heart of the beautiful Gina on the ground. Taking on various adventures, Porco finds new friends and rediscovers old ones.

episodes: 1

genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Military

main characters: Donald Curtis, Fio Piccolo, Porco Rossso, Gina

creator: Hayao Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli, Tokuma Shoten, Walt Disney Studios


release date: July 12, 1997

Magic, mythology and warfare entwine to make this classic Ghibli movie what it is today – a legend. Mononoke Hime or Princess Mononoke is a story that revolves around the lives of people and their coexistence with nature and its children.
In this tale, we meet with San – a girl who has been cared for by one of the most ancient clans in the wold – wolves. Unlike the boards, the wolves are still strong and haven’t lost their greatness and the ability to think and communicate. Their habitat, though, becomes endangered as human start attacking the forest spirits, enraging them and causing mayhem and even a war within he limits of their otherwise calm area.
Ashitaka is a young boy, a future heir of his village, is taken in by dark magic – the anger of another forest being. His only chance to survive and not be taken in by the ever-growing darkness is to find help with the spirits or even Priincess Mononoke.

episodes: 1

genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mythology

main characters: San, Ashitaka, The Forest Spirit, Moro

creator: Hayao Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli, Tokuma Shoten



release date: October 12, 2012 (finished airing March 22, 2013)

In general, Psycho-Pass is like your ID. It is a scan reading of an individual’s mind that determines their Crime Coefficient. Psycho-Pass levels are associated with colours (a.k.a. Hue). Your Hue, which is constantly monitored, determines your rank in society, hence your entire life. A Psycho-Pass Hue can be clouded by emotions like stress or fear, while the exposure to a criminal’s Psycho-Pass can contaminate a healthy one.

In the anime, we meet with the Inspectors – law enforcing the Sybil system which controls the Psycho-Pass readings. We also encounter the Enforcers – individuals with high crime coefficient who have chosen to help the law instead of commit to their instincts.

episodes: 22

genre: Police, Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Thriller, Horror

main characters: Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kougami, Shogo Makishima

creator: Naoyoshi Shiotani

producers: Production I.G, Dentsu





release date: January 10, 1006 (finished airing September 8, 1998)

Considered to be one of the greatest anime in history, not only in the genre, Rurouni Kenshin is the story of Kenshin Himura, also known as Battousai The Manslayer. He is a samurai, a warrior of a past time where blood was washing over the streets and people like him were never relaxed and always busy. But these days are over, katanas are forbidden and no one thinks of warriors the way they did in the past. Dojos are dying for the art of war is no longer sought. Kaoru, a pretty young girl and a heir to one such degrading dojo, ends up clashing with Kenshin and soon enough they become a duet, trying to both fight off the criminals that appear and keeping up the family dojo. Soon, they meet up with two other people – Sanosuke and Yahiko who too become enchanted by what seems to be the aura of a areal samurai. But this story doesn’t end with the collection of four great characters, it just begins here. For the archenemies are still around the corner.

episodes: 95

genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Samurai, Romance

main characters: Kenshin Himura, Kaoru Kamiya, Yahiko Myojin, Sanosuke Sagara

creator: Nobuhiro Watsuki

producers: Studio Gallop, Studio Deen, SME Visual Works, Fuji TV, Media Blasters




release date: November 20, 2013
Patema is a young girl, whose only memento of her closest friend and older-brotherly figure Lagos is a picture that just floats and is like inverted in her world. She lives in a zone where everything is pipes and nothing is a true world, but she knows that Lagos left that place for the inverted side – where the picture of grass and air came from. One day, she really does live to find him and ends up being a part of an adventure, alongside a boy from the inverted world named Age. The adventure of these two kids change both worlds and the lives of the ones living in them.

episodes: 1

genre: Friendship, War, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

main characters: Patema, Age (Eiji)

creator: Yasuhiro Yoshiura

producers: Studio Rikka, Asmik Ace Entertainment, Purple Cow Studio Japan, Directions


release date: May 20, 2004 (finished airing March 19, 2005)

Fuu is a young girl who is quite lost in the world. Having to care for herself and being alone, changing job after job, she is alone and there is no one to help her achieve her goals. That is until one day, by an absolute coincidence, she meets with two very strange and very different men who seem to be able to help her for a small fee. Jin is a samurai with dignity, loyalty and education while Mugen is a lazy street fighter with no class, but a charm worth a hundred books. Fuu decides that this is the sign she has been waiting for and soon, the three of them begin the search of the Sunflower Samurai – the man Fuu has always wanted to meet once more.

episodes: 26

genre: Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Samurai, Shounen

main characters: Mugen, Fuu Kasumi, Jin

creator: Shinichiro Watanabe

producers: Manglobe, FUNimation Entertainment, Fuji TV


release date: July 2, 2002 (finished airing December 23, 2002)

Kyoshiro is a young sellar of herbs and medicine and a calm, relaxed person around whom nothing too important happens except once, when he is captured by mistake by Yuya Shiina – a bounty hunter. Later, trying to act manly and protect, he makes Yuya understand that there is something much more serious going on inside his mind than thinking how to sell his herbs before their expiry date. In reality, Kyoshiro is a warrior who has fought at Sekigahara. At the end of the great battle and while he was fighting the monster known as Demon Eyes Kyo “the slayer of a thousand people”, they both disappear due to the effect of a meteor. What lies beneath the curtain of myth and legends is that in reality, Demon Eyes Kyo is within the silent and softhearted Kyoshiro, biding his time to come out and rule once more the battlefield.

episodes: 26

genre: Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural

main characters: Demon Eyes Kyo/Kyoshiro,Yuya Shiina, Yukimura Sanada, Benitora, Migeira

creator: Akimine Kamijyo

producers: Studio Deen, Starchild Records, SHounen, Supernatural


release date: April 1, 2009; July 11, 2010 (finished airing June 17, 2009; September 26, 2010)

Tells the story of the warlords who took part in the Sekigahara battle and all chronologically surrounding events in Japanese history. We meet with Uesugi, Takeda, Sanada and even Nobunaga and Hideyoshi and watch them fight for the right to be called ruler of Japan. The actual historical events are entwined with many comical situations. Exaggerated love, horror-like ambition, the frail life of a warlord and the strong loyalty of the common people are just a few of the interesting lines in this story. (There are some misconceptions and inaccuracies, but this is an anime, not a documentary!)

episodes: 12 + 12

genre: Action, Historical, Martial Arts, Ninja, Samurai, Super Power

main characters: Masamune Date, Yukimura Sanada,

creator: Mitsuru Endu (game)

producers: Production I.G., FUNimation Entertainment

release date: October 06, 2014 (finished airing December 29, 2014)

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis is an anime based on the original card battle game神撃のバハムートby Cygames. The story begins with the sudden appearance of Amira – a beautiful young lady with a childlike personality and monstrous powerful strike. She meets with Favaro, a headhunter, and turns him into a daemon so that he will be obliged to guide her to Helhiem, where her mother should be. We also meet Favaro’s enemy – former knight Kaisar. The three of them dive into an epic adventure where angels, humans and daemons alike battle for the sake of the world.

episodes: 12

genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Daemons, Angels

main characters: Amira, Favaro Leone, Kaisar Lidfard, Rita

creator: Keiichi Sato

producers: MAPPA, NBCUniversal Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment


release date: April 07, 2013 (finished airing September 28, 2013)

For more than a century, humanity has been living within walls. Tall, concrete borders separate the humans from what lies outside. Fear, but not only, is what rules the minds of every person within Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sina. There are strong-willed and incredibly powerful people, though, who are certain that humanity can prevail and defeat what lies out there. They are the Scouting Legion and they are the one who are risking their lives for the greater good.

What lies out there is nothing more than giants. Humongous creatures which feed on humans and have no logical thought. But not every Kyojin is like this, there are some that have reason. Who are the Colossal Titan, the Abnormal fighting titan, the Female Titan and the Armoured Titan? There are many things that need to be found out before humanity disappears and Commander of the Scouting Legion Erwin Smith will, as long as he breathes, lead everyone to a greater future.

episodes: 25

genre: Action, Shounen, Fantasy

main characters: Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlet

creator: Hajime Isayama

producers: Production I.G, FUNimation Entertainment, Mainichi Broadcasting, Pony Canyon, Kodansha, Mad Box, Wit Studio, Shingeki no Kyojin Team



release date: April 7, 2008 (finished airing March 30, 2009)

Soul Eater is not the typical akuma shounen anime, although it is very close to it (D. Gray Man e.g.). It is a fantasy story about an academy of Meisters and Weapons, both humans as a whole, who fight against evil and insanity. The academy’s founder and most respected owner is none other than Death himself. Even his young child, Death the Kid is in the building, enjoying the perfect symmetry of the school. Together with fighting and aiming to get 99 darkened souls and one of a witch in order to make their weapons a true Death Scythe, the Meisters have to also manage to achieve a connection with their weapon like none other. In order for everything to work with the team, both of the members need to match their souls lengths and as this is very easy for Tsubaki since she easily accustom to Black Star’s flashy personality, Maka and Soul are having multiple problems from both sides. Will the wicked mind of Doctor Stein manage to make great teams of these young students or will the help of a zombie-teacher and the Shinigami be needed too? What happens when we add a couple of witches to the recipe and stir counterclockwise?

episodes: 51

genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural, Shinigami

main characters: Soul Eater Evans, Maka Albarn, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Death, Medusa

creator: Atsushi Ookubo

producers: Bones, TV Tokyo, Dentsu, Square Enix, FUNimation Entertainment, Code


release date: July 20, 2001

Two parents and a girl going to their new home. Hungry and tired, they end up in what looks like an almost abandoned amusement park. As the family investigates the place and goes deeper and deeper into it, they become more and more attached to the place, but it is not just any attachment, it is magic. As Chihiro watches her parents turning into pigs she decides to find a way to stop and reverse this enchantment. The young girl is fast into finding her way around the park which she now knows to be not abandoned but occupied by the strangest of creatures and spirits who come out only at night.

episodes: 1

genre: Adventure, Drama, Mythology, Romance, Supernatural

main characters: Haku, Chihiro Ogino

creator: Hayao Miyazaki

producers: Studio Ghibli, Studio Hibari, Walt Disney Studios


release date: August 1, 2009

When the silent and calm young Kenji is asked to work for a week for his friend – the beautiful Natsuki – he is fast to accept the offer, but at his very arrival at her family house, he understands that things are not as they have seemed in the beginning. Natsuki has presented him as her fiancée to make an inconvenience she had created with her very old grandmother even more severe. on top of everything, one night, Kenji receives a strange sms on his phone asking him to solve a special algorithm. Who would’ve known this was the key to unlocking a hell on earth as the world’s most visited social media interface is hacked thanks to this same algorithm’s solving and all companies’ information is at stake as well as the access to governmental forces such as even the satellites in the open space?

episodes: 1

genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi

main characters: Kazuma Ikezawa, Kenji Koiso, Natsuki Jinnouchi

creator: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

producers: Madhouse Studios, VAP, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, FUNimation Entertainment, Kadokawa Shoten, Warner Bros.




release date: January 21 1998

The beginning of our world is when Demons and Guardians fight to decide people’s destiny.  Years later, no one remembers the mystical creatures and life becomes what we’d all call “normal”.  The story begins in Neo-Shinjuku city, where the life of Shizuka Tachibana changes forever when her fiancé Eiji suddenly transforms into a monster. Decided to kill him, she meets shady demon hunter Tsunami Shijo, who’s gifted with a mysterious power.  In a world of illegal drugs, human experiments and evil, will Shizuka manage to bring her fiancé back and rescue him? Will the mysterious lord Takamiya allow her and her newly-found ally fulfill their duty and save the world from the human turned demon?

episodes: 1

genre: Horror

main characters: Tsunami Shijo, Takamiya, Eiji Kurizawa, Shizuka Tachibana

creator: Saki Okuse (Story & Art)

producers: Madhouse Studios, Toei Video, Production Reed



title: UN-GO

release date: October 14, 2011 (finished airing December 23, 2011)

UN-GO is a story about the private investigator named Yuuki Shinjuurou, who is working on various crime-cases, trying to find the truth and only the truth. Although it is what his names suggests (Shinjuurou vs. Shinjitsu), his original role in life hasn’t been this one, however, after his encounter with the mysterious Inga, he has become probably the best detective in the post-apocalyptic world of UN-GO. The story involves also the very able, but unscrupulous detective RInroku Kaishou and his daughter. Kaishou-san is the opponent of Shinjuurou in all of his greater cases, but at the end always makes his story more reliable and comfortable for the government, even if t’s not the truth… Thus, Yuuki gets his nickname “The Defeated Detective” being always defeated by Kaishou’s more convenient solutions.

episodes: 11

genre: ‘Mystery’, Fantasy

main characters: Yuuki Shinjuurou, Inga, Rinroku Kaishou

creator: Ango Sakaguchi (Novel)

producers: Bones, Sentai Filmworks




title: WOLF’S RAIN

release date: January 7, 2003 (finished airing July 29, 2003) + 4 OVA episodes (January 23, 2004 – February 25, 2004)

After 200 years of hiding behind a human appearance, the wolves finally reappear. Kiba  is a young man… a lone wolf who is looking for an idealistic understanding of peace and tranquillity, a paradise that only the Lunar Flowers can take him to. Entering the city, he is in the dark about what is going on there, but also does not care. That is, however, until he understands that the smell he has been following is in the centre of one of the laboratories found there. The trace is emitted by Cheza, a creature with human-like appearance who is obviously under strict supervision and surveillance. Doing everything he can, Kiba gets to the girl, but after all the men he defeats and all the battles he has to endure, although reaching the path to his paradise, the young man loses the trace of Cheza once more. This time, she is taken away by a man named Darcia.

episodes: 26

genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

main characters: Kiba, Toboe, Tsume, Hige, Cheza

creator: Keiko Nobumoto

producers: Bones, Bandai Visual, Asatsu DK, Fuji TV, Bandai Entertainment






release date: April 6, 2008 (finished airing March 29, 2009)
Babel is a human organisation that fights espers gone bad. Even though this, there are several young people with ESP abilities that work alongside the humans for the protection of humanity and keeping the balance. Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho are Zettai Karen Children – elementary school girls with extreme esper powers. Their supervisor Kouichi Minamoto is the one who has to keep them happy and on a leash, but can he manage with thee playful little girls who can at the same time slash the Earth in two if they lose control over their powers?

episodes: 51

genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shounen, Comedy, Action

main characters: Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami, Shiho Sannomiya

creator: Takashi Shiina

producers: TV Tokyo, Geneon Universal Entertainment, Shogakukan Productions, SynergySP, Sentai Filmworks


release date: January 08, 2013 (finished airing March 26, 2013)

Hyoubu Kyousuke, one of the first and only Epsers to be used in war by the Normals, wants to provide a basis for the Queen, Kaoru, by creating a unity of strong and able Espers. Saving them from being called monsters and treated likes ones, he gives them shelter and a family. From his point of view, however, the story around Babel and a new powerful enemy is much different then the from the one of the Children.
Blood, emotional pain and desperation are key elements in the Major’s life, but he also dreams and will fight anything and anyone to achieve a peaceful world where the people he believes to be rightful and just will live free.


episodes: 12

genre: Supernatural, Action, Fantasy, Esper

main characters: Hyoubu Kyousuke, Andy Hinomiya

creator: Takashi Shiina

producers: Manglobe, UNLIMITED Partners


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