Durarara!! Sekai

Welcome, everyone, to the special hidden page of The Shinigami List!


This is Durarara!! Sekai – a place only for those of you who enjoy, like, adore and admire Durarara! be it the novels, the manga adaptations or the animated series.


Feel free to take a look around and don’t forget – there is only one password that can log you into the Dollars chat!

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Read the Durarara!! series one review (Coming Soon)
Like to keep things short? Read the Durarara!! profile in The List.


Here is the Durarara!!x2 Shou preview (Coming Soon)



Do you think you are the ultimate Durarara!! fan? Why don’t you try some cool trivia quizzes and prove it to all others? Feel free to share your success with us in the comments below!


This is one of my favourite Durarara!! AMVs – feel free to share your own ones in the comments below.



The Durarara!! mania has spread all over the world. Check out the gallery below to see how many awesome fanarts are inspired by the story of those who dwell in Ikebukuro.

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Visit the official Durarara!! websites for additional information and news in Japanese: Durarara!!, Durarara!!x2 Shou

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