Fairy Tail’s End Commemorated with a Trophy for Mashima

https://i2.wp.com/pbs.twimg.com/media/DEODAayV0AUWmWQ.jpg?resize=190%2C253&ssl=1Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail’s original creator, has been awarded a trophy by the manga’s staff members (left). The trophy symbolises the 11 years of Fairy Tail which will end later this year, in just two volumes and 10 chapters. Read below for the full info that came along with the tweet.

The Japanese text says:

“Today was the last workday for the Fairy Tail staff, and I was given such a wonderful gift to commemorate the completion of the story! I really appreciate it and thank you for your hard work!”


Fear not, Mashima fans! The author has already announced his plans for continuing his work with new characters in a new world. For us now if left to enjoy the final Fairy Tail story and wait patiently for his new title.

As a small recap: Fairy Tail is a shounen manga by mangaka Hiro Mashima. Having united pieces of both the ecchi world and the shounen universe, it has often been neglected or directly hated upon because it doesn’t have a clear distinction between the two genres. With the 2014 time skip and the change of key animators, the anime lost a number of fans, but gained many new, bringing a huge change to the fandom from a fan’s social point of view. We managed to witness many exciting and unique moments alongside the heroes of this story. Regardless of all the drama, hate, and disapproval, there are hundreds of thousands of readers who will feel a bit empty when in 10 chapters their favourite manga will be over.

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