New Gintama Anime Announced

gintama anime 2017The latest Weekly Shounen Jump magazine came up with the news that a new Gintama anime is in the works. The fifth series will probably begin in early to mid 2017.

After issue 42 of the WSJ hinted at very surprising news for the Gintama fans, this week’s issue 43 finally confirmed what many were hoping and asking for – more Gintama anime episodes!

Further details including exact information on the season in which the show will air, arc development, air times, and eventual changes in staff and cast will be released within the next couple of weeks in the Weekly Shounen Jump.

On a side note, the Gintama manga is already nearing its end, having touched the last story line in the big world. What will happen to Gintoki and his alien-invaded samurai world? We better read on!


Source: Shounen Jump

What do you think will be the airdate of episode one?

5 thoughts on “New Gintama Anime Announced

    1. Me too :) I don’t think Gintama will end. They will probably return after the manga is completed, even if after many years :) :) :) After D. Gray-man has new series, I believe in miracles…

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