KochiKame’s Osamu Akimoto Returns with 4 New Titles in 2017

This week’s Shounen Jump magazine by Shueisha announced that famous mangaka Osamu Akimoto, author of the popular manga series KochiKame from ’76, will return with four new titles to be published in a variety of Shueisha manga editions. Read on for the full info on all of them!

Kyoto Jogakuin Monogatari -Finder- (Kyoto Girls Academy Story -Finder-)

Will show us how girls in an all-female academy in Kyoto live their lives. We will meet with several of them in this school manga which will be published in the Weekly Young Magazine.

Mr Clice

Is the return and sequel to Akimoto-sensei’s former manga which ended in 2007. Here, we will once more meet with Jim Clice and his adventures. You don’t know who he is? He is a male Japanese secret agent who is stuck in a female body. Comedy, action, and a bit of cheeky deeds await us! This will be published in the Jump Square mag.

Black Tiger

Here we have one for the survival and post-apocalypse fans. The story revolves around a very interesting gunslinger gentleman who is travelling across the wastelands where survival is a real struggle. You will be able to read this manga on the pages of Grand Jump.

Ii Yu Da Ne!

Ultra Jump’s new story is a continuation of KochiKame! The setting is familiar – a bathhouse nearby the Shitamachi police station. Here, we will read about the exciting, pretty young lady from a foreign descent (or so the brief says!).

No exact format has been shared, so for what we know these are “short stories”. How long does that mean in manga-language? Anywhere from a oneshot to 20 chapters.

Source: Shuesha

Which one of the four is your type of story?

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