K: Seven Stories Anime Announced

K: Seven Stories animeThe K: Do You Know K? event which was organised earlier today revealed a new anime project in the franchise. The title is K: Seven Stories and it will almost 100% focus on the seven coloured kings and most probably on their very roles.

All the main cast will once again come to take their roles, but we are also to expect some newcomers, due to the unexplored stories. There was also no clear information on the format of the anime (movie, OVA, TV series).

The information is also available on the official website of the K anime project. Meanwhile, the even was also marked by a number of exciting news articles, due to the special feature which involved a variety of gifts and interesting mini side-events and organised moments for the guests of the gathering.

On a final note, the K:Lost Small World stage play will be running at the AiiA 2. Tokyo Theatre on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th July 2016. The play will also be available for audiences in Kyoto (Kyoto Gekijou) on 30th and 31st the same month.

k: seven stories logoSource: Website

What is your take on the K anime project and do you think the milking is too much or is there more into the story which you would like to witness?

3 thoughts on “K: Seven Stories Anime Announced

  1. I do feel like the anime ended on a good not I’m excited but i don’t know i feel they should have done this one before the ending season…

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