Special Announcement in Btooom!! Vol 20

btooom manga volume 19The ninth day of the fifth month this year will bring joy to the fans of Btooom! and especially to the readers of the manga. The dust jacket of  The forums related to the survival-themed work are already flooded with possibilities and expectations.

The news for this important announcement came as added bonus to the otherwise entertaining third volume of Inoue-sensei’s other ongoing project La Vie en Doll.

The nineteenth volume of Junya Inoue’s  original story showed us a little bit of what’s expected to come in the future chapters, but the ongoing story is still not over, so if a new adaptation is coming, it may want to wait till the coast is clear and more arcs are completed.

Here is the synopsis of the latest volume released (vol. 19, cover shown up there^):

The last survivor. Who could that person who came to Himiko be?

While the senior players began forming unions, the younger ones couldn’t cope. Sakamoto manages to find a drone and take some of the contents, but defeat look still closer, leaning in on him. Machine guns and an unsuspected last player appear. What will happen to our main characters?

Source: Shinchosha

The question is: Would you watch a new season of Btooom! or do you foresee a different announcement to be made on 9th May?

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