flying witch anime previewFlying Witch (ふらいんぐうぃっち) is a new take on the classic coming-of-age story of a witch leaving home to grow into an adult. The new anime is an adaptation of Chihiro Isizuka’s ongoing original manga.

The show starts in April, don’t forget to tune in and check it out if you’re into charming witches and cats!

Reminding us of the classic Ghibli tale of Kiki and her adventures, the anime seems to be more than promising. However, the similarities stop there. The world of this show is depicted with modern animation, and the OST is by a favourite of many – Dewa-san.

The Story

Makoto Kowata is a 15-year-old girl who is supposed to be having her college entrance exams. However, she is not a typical 15 y.o. girl. In fact, she is a watch, and she needs to start on her traditional coming-of-age trip and her witch academy entrance. Across Japan she goes, to a different province, so she could complete her task. In order to become a fully fledged witch, she travels to Aomori Prefecture, where she will stay at the house of her relatives.

While going away from her home and being far from what she is used to make her anxious and nervous, the chance to form her own self and become an adult is exciting and positive emotions run through her. Of course, she goes alongside a trustworthy kitten named Chito. After all, what is a witch without her black cat?

We will meet with a number of her relatives, see how her life changes, how her relationships develop, and if she will manage to become the able, sophisticated, great witch her family known she can be.

Characters and Cast

flying witch anime preview
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Makoto Kowata

seiyuu: Minami Shinoda (debut work)

This young witch is our protagonist. She has one of the most easy-going personalities and is a great company. However, she has an awful sense of direction. Currently, she helps the Kuramoto family.


seiyuu: Ai Kayano (Girls und Panzer’s Saori Takeba, Rinne no Lagrange’s Muginami)

Makoto’s familiar. A talking black cat with more life experience than Makoto herself has. The cat is 17 y.o. and quite mischievous. Chito loves to eat, especially catnip.

Chinatsu Kuramoto

seiyuu: Eri Suzuki (Heavy Object’s Milinda Brantini)

Chinatsu is a curious and communicative young girl. She is one of Makoto’s cousins in Aomori.

Kei Kuramoto

seiyuu: Shinsuke Sugawara (debut work)

Kei is Chinatsu’s brother and, logically, also a cousin of Makoto. He is the eldest son in the family. He is also 15 y.o. and a great cook. He likes to be philosophical about different topics, and loves scary stories, especially about ghosts.

Akane Kowata

seiyuu: Kana Aoi (debut work)

Akane is Makoto’s sister. She is a lively young woman who has a bohemian lifestyle. Her magical talent is huge, for which she is somewhat of a celebrity in the witching communities. She is easy to befriend and loves to travel.


seiyuu: Ayane Sakura (Psycho-Pass‘s Mika Shimotsuki)

Akane’s familiar. This is a very erudite cat with personal interest in the fields of anthropology and archaeology. This is a senior level familiar with a calm personality.

Nao Ishiwatari

seiyuu: Shiori Mikami (Shingeki no Kyojin‘s Krista Lenz)

Nao is Makoto’s classmate and a childhood friend of Kei. She is a very fashion-occupied girl who is very caring to her friends. Her father’s liqueur store sometimes opens positions for her and her friends, so they can earn their own money.

Anzu Shiina

seiyuu: Yuka Iguchi (Toaru Majutsu no Index’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum)

Anzu is a high school student and a huge archaeology nerd. She is usually very tranquil, but her emotions rise when she spots genuinely old buildings. She sometimes works as a helper in a Tea Room.


seiyuu: Mari Hino (Shirobako’s Natsuki, Mother Yasuhara, Daishirou Sakura, and Nao Shinkawa)

Inukai is an anthropomorph witch – this character can transform between two forms, human and canine. Wandering the world, she is looking for a specific witch – Akane Kowata. Inukai is also a diviner.


seiyuu: Ari Ozawa (Noragami’s Tsuguha)

Inukai’s hamster familiar and an anxious little thing. While it is very helpful when it comes to divination, its anxiety fits, especially around Kenny, are more than distracting.


The Staff

Original creator: Chihiro Ishizuka (debut work)

Director: Katsushi Sakurabi (Kamisama no Memochou, UraBoku)

Series composition: Hitomi Mieno (Arakawa under the Bridge, Noragami)

Character designer: Masato Yasuno (debut work)

Director of photography: Yoshio Ookouchi (debut work)

Art director: Yasuhiro Okumura (debut work)

Music: Yoshiaki Dewa (Nagi no Asukara, Fate/stay night)

Sound director: Yoshikazu Iwanami (Another, Baccano!)


OP: “Sharanran feat. 96 Neko (シャランラン feat. 96猫)” by miwa

ED: “ Nichijou no Mahou (日常の魔法)” by seiyuu: Minami Shinoda and Eri Suzuki

Where to Watch*

Planning to watch the show in Japan or you have a Japanese IP and want to see the legal streams? Worry not, here is the list of streamers and broadcasters for this anime. Also, do not worry to use them as a guide of when you can expect the totally-underground sub groups. Usually, an episode is subbed by the next day.

TV Channels

NTV weekly broadcasts at 02:25 starting Sunday, 10th April.

Aomori weekly broadcasts at 01:27 starting Saturday, 16th April. Replays at 16:30.

Sun-TV weekly broadcasts at 00:30 starting Thursday, 14th April.

MMTV TV weekly broadcasts at 02:00 starting Saturday, 23rd April.

Nippon BS Corp weekly broadcasts at 02:30 starting Wednesday, 20th April.

Streaming Services

Nico live broadcast (simulacast) on 10th April (Sunday) at 23:00

NIcoNico streaming service starting 11:30 on 10th April.


*all times are local; broadcast details are subject of change.

Video and images ©石塚千尋・講談社/「ふらいんぐうぃっち」製作委員会

Official Flying Witch website

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