Brotherhood Final Fantasy 15Do you want to be even more hyped about the upcoming new Final Fantasy XV game by Square Enix? Well, then, welcome to the world of the new special anime series Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV! Watch episode one below. Four more instalments are expected within the upcoming weeks.

The first episode presents us the lore and the basics (characters, world setting, relationships, ideals, and main topic) of the upcoming open world roleplay game. You will see the main character, Crown Prince Noctis, in his everyday environment.

If you want to watch the episodes as they air – keep an eye on or subscribe to the franchise’s YouTube channel.

What do you think about the anime? Is it really worth zero, or is it one of the industry’s rare gems?

4 thoughts on “BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV – Episode 1 (video)

    1. I see what you did there. The animation is a bit tacky, in my opinion. Not really keeping the character appearances from the game. People have obviously somehow aged and/or gained weight. Well, whatever rocks their boat.

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