Final Fantasy 15 Announced

final fantasy 15Square Enix announced the first new Final Fantasy game. Entirely new and with an open world to explore, Final Fantasy 15 will be the first franchise expansion in about six years. The game will be released on 20th September for PLayStation 4 and for the Xbox One.

You can watch the announcement trailer below.

A playable demo has been released for both console platforms yesterday. That way everyone who wants to get their hands on the new RPG will have a chance before the September release dates. Although the demo’s content will probably change by the end of the production process, it is still a valuable piece of information about the upcoming game. However, one thing is certain – whoever manages to complete the demo will have exclusive access to the Carbuncle character once the game is out.

The story will revolve around Noctis and his journey through a destroyed kingdom. Will he manage to save and regain the wholeness of the region? It depends only on the players.

Source: Mantan

No, there is no information about a PC port, and you are better off thinking of playing the demo on the console instead.

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    1. That was the weirdest statement ever. :D That character would probably have been called otherwise, if the creators were English native speakers…

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