Bungou Stray Dogs Will Have an OVA (video)

Bungou Stray DogsThe latest news about the recently previewed anime Bungou Stray Dogs are that there will also be an OVA episode. This came as an added information on the AnimeJapan 2016 leaflets spread out by the anime production team. Also, web streaming services have licensed the show for a simulcast release. Learn more below.

This new teaser video was uploaded a bit after the event was over. It includes the anime’s OP song “TRASH CANDY” by GRANRODEO.

The anime will have a total of 12 episodes, while the home video release will also include a single OVA episode, making the grand total 13 episodes. No exact information about the topic or the length of the 13th episode is known yet.

In addition, Crunchyroll has licensed the anime for a simulcast programme. That mans, for those of you who are not aware, that they will stream the episodes with a minimal delay from the original Japanese airtime. The episodes will be subtitled in English. Users with IPs from the all countries apart from Asia will have access to the show.

On a side note, the other previewed anime Joker Game, will also be streamed in the same website. The same is valid for this anime, too: all users with IPs set outside of Asia will have access to the videos.

Where do you plan on watching your spring anime series?

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