Bandai Namco Opens VR ZONE Project i Can

 VR Zone Project i CanBandai Namco will open its first virtual reality centre, part of the VR Zone Project i Can, on 15th April this year. A promo video for the project has been uploaded online, so everyone can have a look at what the innovative gaming technologies will bring forth. You can watch the video below.

So, what’s the idea? The big deal is that people can test the company’s biggest and newest virtual reality possibilities without having to splurge. In return, Bandai Namco receives a needed feedback early on. This type of alpha/beta testing has been around for ages when it comes to standard gaming. However, with the future looking more and more into virtual reality titles and adventures, companies have to adjust.

The simulations available to the testers will be:

The Fear of Heights Show (Saving a kitten from a tall building – seen in the video below), Ski Rodeo (winter extreme sports), Real Drive (sport car driving simulator), Escape Ward Omega (traditional escape-type horror game), Train Meister (drive a train on the Yamanote Line), and Argyle Shift (pilot a mecha robot and fight against enemies).

Learn more on the official announcement for the VR Zone Project i Can.

Would you try this out if you have the chance? If the answer is “yes” then you must hurry up, because the project will cease in mid-October.

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