Bungou Stray Dogs Anime Special Detective Company FBungou Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス) is a shounen fantasy project with a pinch of sci-fi. Enclosing the worlds of telekinetic, the magical abilities of many other lores the typical urban world of Japanese games, this anime promises to show you a mixture of all your favourite things (if you like those).

The anime will begin in April, and a lot is expected from the team of director Takuya Igarashi, famous for his work on Ao no Exorcist, Ouran High School Host Club, Soul Eater and more.

The Story

We will begin this journey alongside a young and very unfortunate boy named Atsushi Nakajima. For reasons we can only frown upon, he was kicked out of his orphanage, never to return again. Alone, hungry, without any means of earning money for himself, the boy is left to die. One day, while seeking a way to fix his life, he sees a man attempting suicide. Naturally, Atsushi saves the stranger.

That is the man that will change Atsushi’s life forever. His name is Osamu Dazai and he is one of the several members of the secret military organisation named the Special Detective Agency. They are a group of people with superhuman abilities who take on the military’s worse and heaviest tasks, including but not limited to intelligence gathering from the most dangerous enemies.

Their local, Japanese, counterpart is the illegal organisation Port Mafia. The underground group’s ideals are not clear at the beginning, but soon their plans become known and a vaster battle will occur.

Characters and Cast

As we already know, the main characters in the Bungou Stray Dogs world are divided into two main factions, the Port Mafia and the Special Detective Agency. You will probably notice some familiar names in the list. This is because some of the characters are based on real historical personas. Here is where each character belongs:

The Special Detective Agency

bungou stray dogs Special Detective Agency
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Atsushi Nakajima

seiyuu: Yuto Uemura (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu’s Yuuma Isogai)

He is a young orphan, who was kicked out of his orphanage because of an accident involving a vicious man-eating tiger. He becomes a part of the Special Detective Agency when he saves one of its elder members’ life. His ability name is unknown.

Osamu Dazai

seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano (K anime‘s Saruhiko Fushimi)

He has an odd understanding of how life should be spent. His favourite pastime activity is finding the best location for a suicide. He strives for the most beautiful suicide. He is often described as one of the Agency’s seven wonders. His ability name is No Longer Human.

Doppo Kunikida

seiyuu: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Katanagatari’s Shichika Yasuri)

He is very focused man for whom nothing is more important than the wellbeing and the good name of the Agency. He is always organising and setting things straight. Many consider him the strictest and most invasive member of the team. His ability name is Doppo Poetry.

Rampo Edogawa

seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya (Durarara!!’s Izaya Orihara)

This Agency member is a very intelligent, but tends to act a bit childish. While many consider this an act rather than his real personality, they are still quite annoyed with some of his actions. Nonetheless, he is one of the most trustworthy in the team when it comes to telling what is the truth in a messed-up case. His ability name is Super Deduction.

Akiko Yosano

seiyuu: Yuu Shimamura (Shingeki no Kyoujin‘s Annie Leonheart)

Akiko is a charming lady who is always aware of her appearance. She is what many would call a modern-day heroine: a skilful doctor who can heal almost any injury. However, due to a rather unsatisfactory condition which needs to be fulfilled before she heals her teammates, they are rather reluctant to use her powers. Her ability name is Thou Shall Not Die.

Kenji Miyazawa

seiyuu: Hiroyuki Kagura (Turnover’s Shouta)

Kenji is a humble, very well-behaved young man who comes from a distant rural village. He is always optimistic and has a smile on his face anywhere he goes. This is why many feel more welcome to speak to him than to any other member of the team. His odd side is that, due to his living in the countryside, he cannot comprehend common modern-day practices such as using money for paying instead of trading and electricity. His ability name is Not Defeated by the Rain.

Yukichi Fukuzawa

seiyuu: Rikiya Koyama (Soul Eater‘s Shinigami)

This is the president of the organisation. While he is not an intrusive personality, he does make all the decisions relating to the Agency’s actions, and also carries the burdens of responsibility. He is very dignified  and instructive. He tends to lose his calm when talking with frivolous members such as Rampo, though.

Jun-ichirou Tanizaki

seiyuu: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Tokyo Ghoul’s Hideyoshi Nagachika)

Jun-ichirou is a charming, playful young man who likes does tend to his looks. He is the older brother of Naomi and both of them live separately from their parents. The past of Jun-ichirou is unknown, as is the reason he joined the Agency. His ability name is unknown.

Naomi Tanizaki

seiyuu: Chiaki Omigawa (Tora no Quon’s Miu)

Jun-ichirou’s younger sister. She is a lady of strong will and is very bold. She is overprotective of her older brother. Probably because of her lack of ability, she is often “shooed” away on missions, but denies leaving due to her willpower and… stubbornness.


Port Mafia

bungou stray dogs port mafia characters
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Ryunosuke Akutagawa

seiyuu: Kensho Ono (Kuroko no Basuke’s Tetsuya Kuroko)

Ryunosuke is a 20 y.o. man with an affinity to violence. Maybe because of his ill health, he is ready to engage in any act of violence, regardless of the dangers posing. He is regarded as a vile enemy by the Agency where the overall order is that if they see him, they should run. His ability name is Rashomon.

Chuya Nakahara

seiyuu: Kishou Taniyama (Togainu no Chi’s Gunji)

Port Mafia executive and the leader of the organisation. His physical strength exceeds all normal human levels, making him the modern-day Hercules – both charming and deadly strong. His ability name is For the Tainted Sorrow.

Ichiyou Higuchi

seiyuu: Asami Seto (Rinne no Lagrange’s Laffinty Fin E Ld Si)

Referred to as a senior member of the team, she is one of the guerrilla corps of the Port Mafia organisation. She is at the top of the Black Lizard fighting group. She is Ryunosuke’s bodyguard. Although she doesn’t seem to have an ability, she is an excellent firearms user.

Motojirou Kajii

seiyuu: Wataru Hatano (Fairy Tail’s Gajeel Redfox)

Similarly to a very well-known Naruto character, he is a mad scientist who likes to create bombs, seeking the “ultimate science” and death as an act of accomplishment through explosion. His ability name is Lemon Bomb.

Kyouka Izumi

seiyuu: Sumire Morohoshi (Kaichu wa Maid-sama’s Misaki Ayuzawa)

A much younger girl compared to other members of the Port Mafia team. She may look kawaii and very calm in her traditional kimono, but in fact is a trained assassin. Her ability name is Demon Snow.

It is very possible that the anime will focus on the events prior to chapters 15-20 of the original manga as some important characters from these are not mentioned as of the current moment.

The Staff

Original Story: Kafka Asagiri

Original Art: Harukawa35

Director: Takuya Igarashi (Soul Eater)

Series composition and script: Yoji Enokido (Redline)

Character design and chief animation director: Nobuhiro Arai (Hitsugi no Chaika)

Animation character design: Ryou Hirata (Battle Spirits: Heroes)

Music: Taku Iwasaki (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Animation production: Bones


OP: “Trash Candy” by GRANRODEO

ED: “Namae wo Yobu yo (名前を呼ぶよ)” by Luck Life

Where to Watch


Bungou Stray Dogs Anime Port MafiaThe first cour of the show will begin on 6th April. A second one will be released in October. Here are the exact air dates as they are released on the official website:

Starting 6th April, TOKYO MX will air the show at 25:05 every Wednesday.

Starting 6th April, San TV will air the show at 25:30 every Wednesday.

Starting 6th April, TVQ will air the show at 26:35 every Wednesday.

Starting 7th April, Teletama will air the show at 25:05 every Thursday.

Starting 7th April, Chiba TV will air the show at 25:00 every Thursday.

Starting 7th April, TVK will air the show at 25:00 every Thursday.

Starting 7th April, ZF-WEB will air the show at 25:45 every Thursday.

Starting 7th April, Gifu Broadcasting will air the show at 25:45 every Thursday.

Starting 7th April, Mie TV will air the show at 26:20 every Thursday.

Starting 8th April, BS11 will air the show at 23:30 every Wednesday.


Video and images © 2016 朝霧カフカ・春河35/KADOKAWA/文豪ストレイドッグス製作委員会

Official Bungou Stray Dogs website

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  1. Discovered another reference – Motojirou Kajii is in fact Tao from Noblesse’s brother, which is easily seen in his looks ;)

  2. Wow…all character names seem to be references to popular personalities deriving from Japanese culture – fictional or real! I am in love with this anime already! Might even squeeze it in-between the anxious waiting for the new D. Gray-man season :D

  3. If Edogawa Ranpo-sama is in, so am I :D So many interesting characters (EXCLUDING the I am sure annoying Naomi) that could create quite a stir. This season looks promising…

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