91 Days Original Anime (Video)

91 Days Original Anime Announced Star-filled production team behind the new original anime 91 Days. Members of the staff include Durarara!!x2’s animation producers Shuka, Kimi ni Todoke’s director Hiro Kaburaki, ERASED’s script supervisor Taku Kishimoto, and UraBoku’s music composer Shougo Kaida. The anime will focus on the protagonist Avilio and his living a dangerous life in the town ruled by the Mafia.

Watch the announcement teaser trailer below.

The full story will focus on the revenge Avilio will want to execute upon his former friend Nero. Nero (whose name means Black in Italian) is somehow responsible, at least in Avilio’s eyes, for the death of the protagonist’s parents. Enraged and dangerously ready to kill, our main character will become the angel of death… or will he not? Many questions will be born in this project supported by WIT Studio.

The show will premiere sometime in July on MBS’s Animeism block.

On the image, we see Nero (right) and Avilio (left).

Find more visuals from the production at 91 Days’ official website.

Did you like the animation style and do you think original anime series have a future in today’s otaku world?

6 thoughts on “91 Days Original Anime (Video)

  1. I really feel like this has great potential. Reminds me of Death Note with a bit of Gangsta… I know it is way too early to make a comparison.

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