Watch Noblesse Awakening Anime Here! (video)

noblesse awakeningProdiction I.G have published the OVA adaptation of the popular Korean webtoon manhwa Noblesse, which is also officially published in Japan since 28th  August, 2015. Noblesse: Awakening is a 31-minute OVA focusing on the very beginnings of the Noblesse manhwa.

Watch it here!

Working on the project was the following team:
Supervisors: Shusuke Tada (Kuroko’s Basuke, Book Girl, Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations), Kazuto Nakazawa (Opening Supervisor) (Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (animation part), Samurai Champloo, Genius Party Beyond)
Character Design: Sembon Umishima (Giovanni no Shima, Kuroshitsuji, Arslan Senki)
Directors: Kenichi Matsuzawa (Kuroko no Basuke, The Prince of Tennis, Kemono no Souja Erin
Here is the new OVA, as published by LINE Webtoon:.

How come “new” OVA? Well, the first OVA adaptation of the story was released in November 2015. It focused on the historical events surrounding the very beginning of Raizel’s 820-year long slumber.

Source: official Noblesse:Awakening website

Do you think these two OVA will turn into the basis for a series?

10 thoughts on “Watch Noblesse Awakening Anime Here! (video)

  1. While I am ecstatic to see more Noblesse, I cannot help but thinking this looks like a PV and not an actual fully fledged product. Noblesse deserves a long-running anime and I am hoping we will see such soon. In the meantime, I will enjoy this OVA – thanks, Shinigami-sama! :)

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