D.Gray-man Is BACK!

D.Gray-manFinally, after many years, the D.Gray-man anime will be back! The news was announced during this year’s Jump Fest where the new official twitter account was also shared. The image to the left is the first key visual we received as a gift by the production committee.

Read on for what more became known in the past three hours!

The show will air in 2016 and will adapt the manga, no fillers announced as of yet.

For the fans, the most anticipated things are just spawning, soon after the twitter account, the new website was also released. Currently, the introduction posted explains the world of D.Gray-man and has no specific information about where the new anime will start.

The website shares with us the upcoming season(s?)’s protagonists:

Ayumu Murase (Gangsta‘s Worick Archangelo, Haikyuu!’s Shouyou Hinata) will play Allen Walker (born 14th December, in the US)

Shinnosuke Tachibana (Sekirei’s Minato Sahashi, Kuroshitsuji‘s Soma Asman Kadar) will play Howard Link (born 26th April in Gifu Prefecture)

Here are the other characters revealed to be in the new anime (one of them is a huge spoiler to those who have read the manga!)

d.gray-man is back - millennium earl
Click the Earl to see him better
allen walker new d.gray-man anime
Click Allen for a better view
d.gray-man anime new season timcanpy
Guess who’s back? Timcanpy! (Clickable)
d.gay-man anime 2016 yu kanda
Click Yu to see his new uniform better!
alma karma d.gay-man 2016
This is someone who will change the way you see – Alma Karma

A PV (limited viewership, sorry!) was also uploaded to YouTube by Aniplex, who will be the main members of the production committee.

However, good-guy TMS also uploaded the PV, which has much less limitations on who can watch it:

Source: Official Twitter Account

And don’t forget to show your support on the social media with the official #dgrayman

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  1. Alma Karma? Hmmm…that will surely make a certain character’s life even more difficult… ;-) Any way, this is the best anime news FOR AGES. Thank you!

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