WINTER ANIME SEASON 2015/2016 PREVIEW: Divine Gate (ディバインゲート)

divine gate anime posterThe Divine Gate anime will adapt the original TCG by Gungho and Acquire. It focuses on the path to reaching the Divine Gate, to entering and pushing forth a change for the entire world. However, the characters chosen to go on this hard adventure are not doing it for society, but the exact opposite – their very aims are all about their own aspirations.

Divine Gate will air at 22:30 on Tokyo MX this 8th January!

The Story

Do you know the Celtic tree of the three worlds? The heavens, the living world, the underworld… They are all one, but three separated elements at the same time. Now imagine this tree burned from crown to the smallest root. Imagine its ashes spread by a ruthless wind all over the world. A chaotic existence. This is what happens after the Divine Gate is opened.

A World Council is formed and wise, able and strong men gathered to solve the problem. And so they do. The Gate is closed and the time of chaos becomes a figment of mythology.

The World Council chooses the top males and females to send them to the gate, to try and go in, to try and change the world. But which will follow: will they change the future, or will it be the past that will suffer transitions?

This is the story of a group of those young men and women who will try, once more, to penetrate the Divine Gate.


Characters and Cast

divine gate anime characters
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(left to right)

Akane is a 16 y.o. boy. He’s often seen as someone who is always against everything, but is making it because he cares too much. Lives together with his mother after his father dies in a shady accident. Since his dead parent used to work as a researcher for the World Council, Akane has doubts about everything that the Council says and does. His hopes for the Divine Gate is that he will meet his father there.

Fighting type: Ignite.

Akane is voiced by Tetsuya Kaihara (Ao no Exorcist’s Amaimon, Fairy Tail’s Natsu Dragneel).


Aoto is another 16-year-old who will be travelling to the Divine Gate. Aoto is an apathetic, often seen as intentionally slippery boy. Both his parents are dead and it is him who supposedly executed them. He was chosen because he is alone.

Fighting type: Sword, Wadatsumi

Aoto’s seiyuu is Soma Saito (Zaknyou no Terror’s Twelve, Rokka no Yuusha’s Adlet Mayer).


Midori is the same age as the others. Although she represents the pure mind, she has her dark moments. Her past includes memories she has put away; events related to a close friend she cannot stop thinking about. This is why this otherwise cheerful girl wants to reach the gate – to unravel the past and put an end to the only darkness left in her.

Fighting type: Wind, Fonshen

Kanae Itou (Oda Nobuna no Yabou’s Nobuna Oda, Sword Art Online’s Yui) will voice this character.


Hikari, like all other Divine Gate challengers, is 16 years of age. Her quest of finding out who her real father is, will end at the Divine Gate. Her personality, suitable for her name, is bright and joyful.

Fighting type: Sword, Ligth

Hikari’s seiyuu is Ayana Taketatsu (Date a Live’s Kotori Itsuka, High School DxD’s Koneko Toujou).


Tukari is a quiet girl of 16. She does not seek the Divine Gate for ineterst in the gate itself, but for discovering the truth about the world which she sees enveloped in darkness.

Fighting type: Scythe, Abyss

Yukari will be voiced by Sora Amamiya (Tokyo Kushu’s Touka Kirishima, Akame ga Kill!’s Akame).


Ginji is the last teenager who will start on the journey to the Divine Gate. He also is 16 years and also seeks a solution to one of his personal issues – not finding a reason. This is what he craves the most and what he hopes to find at the Gate.

Fighting type: Elemental

Hiroyuki Yoshino (009 Re: Cyborg’s Great Britain, ) will be the seiyuu for this character.


Another type of character is the World Council member Arthur. While he comes from the living world, it is believed that he was a heavenly child, abandoned to the world below. A member of the Knights of the Round Table and considered the leader, Arthur is also the one in charge of the Divine Gate expeditions.

Fighting type: Sword, Light “Excalibur”

Voicing him is Yuuichi Nakamura (Clannad’s Tomoya Okazaki, Fairy Tail’s Gray Fullbuster).

Staff and Music

Directing the show is Noriyuki Abe (Arslan Senki, Bleach). Natsuko Takahashi (Gakuen Heaven, Gankutsuou) will handle the series composition while musically, the show will be under Takumi Ozawa (Hidan no Aria, Ookami Kakushi). Ichirou Uno (Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii) will be in control of the character designs.


The opening theme song is “one-Me two-Hearts” (ワンミーツハー) by hitorie (ヒトリエ)

The ending will be “CONTRUST” by vistlip.

Divine Gate official website


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Images and video: ©GungHo Online Entertainment,Inc./Divine Gate World Council

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