WINTER ANIME SEASON 2015/2016 PREVIEW: Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Bokumachi) (僕だけがいない街)

bokumachi animeBokumachi is a story of a desperate mangaka who is struggling to find the balance between his career, life and his ability to time travel. Yes, he travels in time. Much like Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate, he can repeat disastrous events until they are successfully prevented. The anime will adapt Kei Sanbe’s original seinen manga, which was one of the nominees for the VIII Manga Taisho Award.

First episode airs on 7th January 2016 at 24:55 (effectively 8th January) on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block.

The Story

We will meet mangaka Satoru Fujinuma, a person without much success in his work, love or game life. While his career is not at its best, his superman abilities are. He can turn back the clock and prevent terrible things from happening, until they are absolutely prevented. This is like getting tomorrow’s newspaper this morning and seeing someone you know will be dead in half a day. Of course, you will try to save them!

And so he does – Satoru takes on challenge after challenge, until one day he becomes the suspect of his mother’s murder. In order to solve the mystery of this event, Satoru turns the clock back, several years… to when he’s still in grade school. It is the time his classmate Kayo disappeared without a trace. Desperate to solve this case as well, Satoru begins a true adventure.


Disclaimer: In Bokumachi, we will follow our protagonist’s life during his school years, after them and in between the various instances where he reverts time in order to save someone. Due to this, you may find the following character descriptions a bit spoiler-like. Unfortunately, I have no idea what will be covered in the anime and how fast they will cover it.

Characters and Seiyuu

(left to right)

bokumachi characters
As you can see, some of them have child form and adult form. (click for bigger)


Satoru Fujinuma, the protagonist, is a time-travelling mangaka who one days transfers back in time to his grade school days. He will be played by Shinnosuke Mitsushima (29 y.o.) and Tao Tsuchiya (10 y.o.).

Airi Katagiri works alongside Satoru in Oasi Pizza. While many neglected his complaints and claims of innocence, she believed him and supported him. Airi’s seiyuu is Chinatsu Akasaki.

Kayo Hinadzuki is one of the victims of the series kidnapper from 18 years ago and Satoru’s classmate in grade school. She will be voiced by Aoi Yuuki.

Sachiko Fujinuma is Satoru’s mother. She used to work as a news announcer. She ignored the cold case of the serial kidnapper for a long time until something made her open her eyes. Minami Takayama will be voicing this character.

In 1988, Kenya Kobayashi is an aspiring lawyer with a strong sense of justice. Unlike many, even in their grade school days, he could notice the sudden change in his classmate’s behaviour. His seiyuu is Yo Taichi.

Hiromi Sugita is one of the original kidnapping victims. Although a boy, he is quite androgynous and many supposed the kidnapper might have mistook the victim’s gender. He will be voiced by Akari Kitou.

Osamu (voiced by Ayaka Nanase) and Kazu (voiced by Yukitoshi Kikuchi) are both classmates of Satoru from his primary school years.

Jun Shiratori is a delivery worker, but was initially rumoured and to be the kidnapper, also sentenced for the crimes. Jun will be voiced by Takahiro Mizushima.

Yashiro Gaku is Satoru’s homeroom teacher during his school years we will attend alongside him. His seiyuu is Mitsuru Miyamoto.

Staff and Music

bokumachi anime kayo
Don’t be a loner, Kayo!

Directing at studio A-1 Pictures is Tomohiko Ito (ERASED). The script is by Taku Kishimoto (ERASED, Magi: Sinbad no Bouken, Gin no Saji). The original music composition is in the hands of Yuki Kajiura (Kuroshitsuji, Fate/Zero, Pandora Hearts). Opening and ending theme songs are still unknown.

Bokumachi official website

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  1. I don’t know if this will be interesting or a trap? I like the overall idea, but the tiny moes with sad/overly happy faces make me question my sanity when I think about putting this in my “Plan to Watch” list.

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