WINTER ANIME SEASON 2015/2016 PREVIEW: Ajin (亜人 -衝動-)

ajin animeAjin (亜人) is an upcoming anime series which will adapt Gamon Sakurai’s original manga of the same name. The anime is part of a larger project, which also includes OVA and a film trilogy. The new series will be a single-cour anime (13 episodes). The story revolves around Kei Nagai, a normal student whose life is hanged once he pulls-off a Shizuo Heiwajima a.k.a. survives being hit by a truck. When this happens, he understand that he is in fact an immortal, an “Ajin”, a demi-human.

Ajin’s premiere is set for 15th January 2016 at 26:10 (effectively 16th January). It will be on MBS.

The Story

We don’t really know much about the true story of the anime series. The official introduction goes like this:

First appeared 17 years ago on an African battlefield, Ajin are immortal humans. Since then, more have been appearing within the human society all over the world. Unfortunately, not all humans are evolving or experiencing the immortal factor. It is so rare that governments have offered a large sum as a price for whoever can catch and deliver one to them.

We can only imagine what the life of this high school student be like after the truck accident.

The Characters

ajin anime characters
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Kei Nagai

A third-year student at the Shingakkou. After surviving a truck accident, he discovers he is an Ajin – an immortal demi-human. Since that moment, his life is a mix between using his abilities and escaping the bounty hunters.

Kei will be played by none other than Mamoru Miyano who has previously voiced Yagami Light (Death Note), Kida Masaomi (Durarara!!), Saruhiko Fushimi (K anime), and Amai Mask (One Punch Man).


Kaito is Kei’s childhood friend. Although the bleached hair and piercings show his rebellious side, he’s always been supportive of Kei. Problem is, will their friendship overcome this huge challenge?

Kaito’s seiyuu is Yoshimasa Hosoya who’s famous for his roles as Junpei Hyuuga (Kuroko no Basuke), Kuranosuke Shiraishi (Kuroko no Basuke), Reiner Braun (Shingeki no Kyojin), and Nezumi (No. 6).


He is one of those who follow, who chase, who strive to catch. He might be a gentleman, and so does he behave. But that smile of his will never fade.

Sato’s seiyuu is Hochu Otsuka. His former roles include Haruya Shiki (Durarara!!), Abuto (Gintama), Jiraya (Naruto), and Narrator & Ni Jianyi (Saiyuki Reloas).

ajin anime shinomura kaito tosaki
Tosaki, Shinomura and Kaito (top to bottom)

Yu Tosaki

Member of the Aijin Managenet Committee at the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. He’s in the lead of the demi-human capture and research process. Always seen carrying mints.

If you want to know more about Takahiro Sakurai – the seiyuu who will voice Koji, you can check out his acting history in anime where you will find roles such as Griffith (Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen), Kira Izuru (Bleach), Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass), and Clud Strife (Final Fantasy VII).

Izumi Shinomura

She is the secretary and bodyguard of Tozaki. Always attentive to Tozaki’s pale complexion.

She will be voiced by Mikako Komatsu who has previously been the seiyuu of Hotaru Tachibana (Aoharu x Kikanjuu), Neko (K anime), Kotori Mizuki (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal), and Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi).

Koji Tanaka

Another bounty hunter. Unlike Sato, he believes in arms and shooting as the way to succeed.

He will be voiced by Daisuke Hirakwa – the voice of Laito Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers), Rei Ryuugazaki (Free!), Momotarou (Hoozuki no Reitetsu), and Makoto Itou (School Days).

Ko Nakano

The boy who appeared at the Ministry for the hunt. Weak against mind games, mind manipulations and trickery, Ko is excellent physically and really strong combatant.

Ko will be voiced by Jun Fukuyama whose previous roles include Yukio Okumura (Ao no Exorcist), Yumichika Ayasegawa (Bleach), Zheng Ying (Kingdom), and Kazuma (Noragami).

Staff and Music

Ajin anime characters male
Koji Tanaka and Sato

The theme songs will be “Yoru wa nemureru kai?” by Flumpool and “How Close You Are” by Mamoru Miyano.

Directing in chief for the show is Hiroyuki Seshita (Sidonia no Kishi) at Polygon Pictures, while directing the series is Hiroaki Ando (Gambo, Noraegki!).


Ajin official website

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