Shigeru Mizuki Has Passed.

Shigeru MizukiShigeru Mizuki has passed away at the age of 93. As usual, I would like to thank this marvellous mangaka for the excellent work and impressive artwork he had gifted to the world during his time on Earth. Now, it’s time for the other world to enjoy his talents. Rest in peace, Mizuki-sensei!

Mizuki-sensei’s notoriously amazing horror manga Gegege no Kitaro has turned the genre upside down when it first came out in 1960, and continued paving the path for all others. His work in the field of cartoons, animation, manga and illustrations revived the age-old but somewhat forgotten romance between Japan and youkai.

Akuma-kun, Hakaba Kitarou, Kappa no Sanpei – all anime adaptations of his works (apart from the huge Gegege no Kitaro franchise).

On a side note, let me tell you that all things achieved by Mizuki-sensei were achieved with one arm. He lost the other by a bombing during his participation in World War II.

Thank you for the amazing work!

I hope that those who will read about him will learn one thing from his story – nothing can stop you from being awesome in your own way, and maybe making a change for everyone.

Source: Nikkan

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