Gangsta Products Go on Hiatus

Gangsta animeAll ongoing Gangsta works are going on an indefinite hiatus. This includes Kohske’s original manga, the drama CD, the home video releases. This was an announcement in this month’s Shinchosha’s Monthly Comic @ Bunch magazine. The reason for this global pause in publishing is the author’s health issues, which have worsened recently.

Kohske is very open about her health condition ever since she was diagnosed with it in 2012. In fact, it is a chronic type Idiopathic Eosinophilia (Hypereosinophilic syndrome), and she has been hospitalised several times because of it. While still tweeting actively about her health and the development of her works, she has been idle on Twitter since September, with new tweets appearing from yesterday.

Source: Twitter & Publisher

Today’s question: What is your favourite part of Gangsta, be it the anime or the manga?

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