Takuya Eguchi Joins Haikyuu!! Cast

haikyuu!! anime The Haikyuu!! : Second Season anime cast has just been updated and seiyuu Takuya Eguchi will join the team as Yuuji Terushima – the Jousenji High’s team captain. The 28 y.o. seiyuu is famous for voicing Gosick’s Kazuya Kujou and Kuroko no Basuke’s Shinji Koganei.

The new Haikyuu!! series is ongoing and the second season seems to be going strong with this cast addition. Without a doubt, the expertise of Eguchi will bring even more quality to the already prominent professionalism in the show.
Meanwhile, Ayumu Murase continues to voice Hinata Shouyou and kaito Ishikawa – Tobio Kageyama.

Source: Official Haikyuu!! twitter account

Are you watching Haikyuu!! and do you think he will suit the character chosen for him?

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