Gintama’s Anime Jumps to Shogun Arc

gintama enters one of the final arcsTo the surprise of many, the Gintama squad announced that the anime will jump straight to adapting the Shogun arc (arc title shortened, so that it’s not as spoiler-ful as it originally is). The first episode of this new story will air on 2nd December. We still don’t know how long it will be, but judging by the manga chapters involved, it is one of the biggest arcs to date. In addition, just a small amount of the smaller manga arcs left between the current anime episode and the Shogun arc will fit into the time until 2nd December. Which ones will they be, we have to watch and see.

Without many spoilers, the arc is one of the few gates to seriousness in the story. As was the Yoshiwara in Flames arc, this one will change the overall attitude of the show. What’s more interesting, it will be the first of at least three such arcs and from there on, the show you once knew as fun and lighthearted will bring your the action, drama and emotions you remember from the Yoshiwara days.

The manga’s story in this arc focuses on the Shogun and a serious assassination attempt, which may as well fail as Gintoki is one of the body doubles for the shogun. Vulnerable in Edo, the leader of the human race in Japan needs to be moved to Kyou, but will they succeed? We shall wait and watch (or just read it in Hideaki Sorachi’s original work).

In fact, the arc debuted in July 2014 (in chapter 502) and continued until chapter 524, 22 chapters in length.

Source: TV Tokyo

Do you think this is the right track and how do you think this is yet another Gintama trick to raise the alarm and hype everyone in a… special way?

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  1. Love this Arc, but would have waited for its time to come “the proper” way… Still the Gintama team know what they are doing.

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