“Adam to Eve” Manga by Hideo Yamamoto x Ryoichi Ikegami Focuses on Yakuza

adam to eve mangaA new manga series by Hideo Yamamoto (Ichi the Killer) and Ryoichi Ikegami (Crying Freeman) begins serialisation in the Big Comic Sirius. The titles of the project is “Adam to Eve” (Adam and Eve) and will focus on the life of a Yakuza boss and his bloody battles in the world of a united Yakuza.

The manga, which is available for reading in Japanese online, begins with colour pages and will be published in every issue of Shogakukan’s magazine. The story starts off with an invisible duo, two pairs of expensive shoes and a lot of violence.

Here is how the publishers described the new story:

A formless blood war takes down the Yakuza!

Within the decadent mafia in Japan, the elite decides to take down the barrier between the different Yakuza organisations. While everyone celebrates the new strong union, a single question continues to bother everyone: Will this be enough for Yakuza’s survival? In all the celebrations the steps of an unknown, invisible couple could be heard. With them comes a grand new level of violence!

The new issue with chapter one comes out today, so whoever has the chance can get it right away.

Source: Natalie

Couldn’t wait for a new Yamamoto work? There you go – now tell me what you think of it!

4 thoughts on ““Adam to Eve” Manga by Hideo Yamamoto x Ryoichi Ikegami Focuses on Yakuza

  1. I know this should be realism, but I get easily tired by all the sex in such type of manga. I always start reading enthusiastically and end up dropping it, because ti starts reminding me of cheap porn.

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