Steins;Gate 0 with a New Preview (Video)

Steins;Gate 0Steins;Gate 0, The upcoming game sequel to the Steins;Gate visual novel will focus on the innovations and manipulations which happen in the world of the former Lab members. Nostalgia will clash with romance and idealism once more. The fans of the time-travelling team will again be able to take on a journey.

The game will ship on 19th November in Japan.

This new gaming experience will focus on three unadapted before volumes of the original Steins;Gate light novels. Scenes from the drama CDs will also be included. The best part for the anime fans is that the whole thing will get animated soon!

This will be the first full game after the 2009 visual novel, which was turned into an international hit, available on all modern platforms.

Translation of the speech:
Hello, everyone. Pleased to meet you. I am Makise Kurisu and I am an AI. I am the one which has in itself the memories of the person Makise Kurisu. But please, don’t pay much attention to this! After all, you do know that the original is no longer alive. Well then, it’s nice to meet you.

Producers from 5pb. and MAGES plan to release the games for the three consoles as follows:

PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 for 7,800 Japanese yen (about 60 euro)
PlayStation Vita for 6,800 Japanese yen (about 50 euro)
The PS3 game version will actually be a port of the PS4 one. The same is valid for the Xbox 360 version, for which details are still scarce.

in addition to this lovely info, the game will be produced by a team of experienced and fresh staffers alike. We will be playing an experience by the Steins;Gate man of insight – Chiyomaru Shikura (in charge of planning the game and original concept work). We also have the one with the taste for good music – Takeshi Abe (music composition) and with

Source; official Steins;Gate 0 website
Welcome to the new world!

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  1. That looks so Steins; Gate…it made me nostalgic. Not sure I will enjoy the game, but still good news they are expanding the franchise.

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