Studio Manglobe Filed for Bankruptcy

Gangsta animeThe famous Japanese animation studio Manglobe is no more. They made historic series such as Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy, Hayate no Gotoku!, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Zettai Karen Children – THE UNLIMITED – Hyoubu Kyousuke and last season’s Gangsta anime adaptation. They have also worked on the original Naruto series, producing the key animations.

The official studio website is also no longer available.

The news, which brought a shock to the internet community and anime media, were made public on the 1st October,just as Studio Manglobe announced bankruptcy. They have filed for the procedure just two days earlier, on the 29th. One website claims that the studio has been in a state of insolvency for a long time before the events happened.

This is surely a shock, as the team who created Manglobe in 2002 managed to create history, without a single doubt. The studio, as obvious from their titles, has made a name for itself as the place where projects with unique and unorthodox feeling are created. They have worked with famous directors on various projects which will be watched for years to come… And yet, this happened.

The studio was also working on new titles including the Genocidal Organ anime movie, sequel in the Keikaku Itoh projects. They all will probably be finished by other Japanese anime studios. It is doubtful that the set release date for Genocidal Organ will stay the same.

I shall not be going on about their actions, I just want to ask everyone who is “so very sorry” that this studio has disappeared: How many items have you purchased from them and their official franchises?

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4 thoughts on “Studio Manglobe Filed for Bankruptcy

  1. I am sooo sad about this, yes! I know you asked what we have… I have Samurai Champloo figurine of Mugen and I have the first season in Japanese (gift, though)

  2. Shocking! I have The Unlimited and several Samurai Shamploo editions, I have also gifted them… Gangsta was the only decent anime lately… I am very surprised at what happened.

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