Fall Anime Season 2015 Preview: One Punch Man

oe punch man animeOne Punch Man (ワンパンマン) is an upcoming anime TV series, adaptation of the original action parody manga, written by ONE and drawn by Yusuke Murata.

The action comedy anime will premiere on 4th October. Don’t be a stranger to parody and keep this date in your schedule as the day when you might as well have some fun.

The story follows the average-looking Saitama who is nothing more than the local bore for all who know him during his normal daytime activities. But there is so much more about this bald and expressionless man they have yet to learn!

In fact, Saitama is a superhero who partakes in a guild of a sort. While ranks are set by fighting, Saitama has a huge issue – he is unchallenged. His punch is so strong that he defeats every single opponent with a single blow.

Characters and Cast

Saitama (played by Makoto Furukawa) is one of the many challengers. His hobby is being a hero, but he got the ultra-punch by intensive training for three whole years! [bald]

Another one of the duo, presented to us with the level “Classless”, is Genos. Played by Kaito Ishikawa, he is a young cyborg. He longs for the strength expressed by Saitama’s punches. [short blod hair]

Class S has a total of sixteen members and they range from the bishounen Lashy Flash (playd by Toriumi Kousuke) to the remote-controlled robot “Metal Knight” Bofoi (played by Tessyou Genda) to the “Terrible Tornado” esper lady (played by Yuki Midori). [long blond hair, robot, green hair]one punch man characters

There is also the Class A of which we will meet only Ikemen Kamen Amai Mask, played by Mamoru Miyano. Apart of being a superhero, he is also a popular singer, actor and whatnot. [blue hair]

Class B is represented by the “Hellish Blizzard” esper lady who is voiced by Saori Hayami. [green/black hair]

A single member of Class C is also set to appear in the series – the “Licenceless Hero”, the cyclist of justice, the daily mobile partol… Just justice maniac. He will be played by Yuichi Nakamura. [helmet]

We have also been promised to meet the amazing, the mesmerising attractive hero with name of “Speed-o’-sound Sonic”, the self-proclaimed strongest nija in the world, an assassin of the greatest measure. Voiced by Yuuki Kaji. [black hair]


The show will air on TV Tokyo on 4th October. TV Osaka and TVQ will show episode on eon the 5th. The following day, on the 6th, KBS and BS Japan will air the episode. Finally, on the 8th, AT-X will run the same story for all who want to watch it in their lineup.

Nico Nico Douga will also show the series, with episode one airing on 4th October.

One Punch Man anime website

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