Meet Takenori Ichihara – Shounen Sunday’s New Editor-in-Chief

takenori ichiharaTakenori Ichihara was announced as the new Editor-in-chief of the dying out Shogakukan publication Weekly Shounen Sunday. How will he change the ways of this magazine and where is he planning to go from here on, you can read in the Japanese-only version of the interview (linked as source).

Read some excerpts below!

“I am a genuine Shounen Sunday kid and what I was seeing of late was heartbreaking for me. I didn’t like where things were going and this is why I accepted this position.”

This was Ichihara’s reply when he was asked about his having to quit his other position to come to the weekly edition, and one of the first things said by the new Editor-in-chief during the interview. Starting on his way as a fan of the edition and continuing on as its chief, this must be a dream come true for the man, who was before that in the same authority position in the monthly magazine by the same publisher.

On the question if he can elaborate on the problems he saw in the magazine, he pointed out the lack of rookie mangaka in the edition and the low-maintenance of the already existing ones. According to the man who turned the monthly edition into a heaven for newborn mangaka, fresh blood is the needed ingredient to make the Weekly Shounen Sunday as successful as it was in his childhood days.He also mentioned a number of mangaka who have left the magazine to seek their fanbase elsewhere, namely Kazuhiro Fujita, Hiroyuki Nishimori and Kouji Kumeta.

Takenori Ichihara also exclaimed with relief that thankfully, the work done will be divided between him and two deputy editors, so all the changes will be taken care of fast and with minimum throwbacks. He also noted that he will actively communicate with all writers in the New Age of the weekly Shounen Sunday. And this will be huge work as the writers he plans to contact are more than 300.

Thankfully, the new Editor-in-Chief knows not what stress is and considers this and many other sides of his new position a pleasure to realise and perform.

“I think what’s important is not to think only about how the manga will be perceived or how to win an award, or the chaarcters to be born only because the mangaka wants to be extremely original. thus creating a lack of history, ideals and more.”

Working for the sake of work, marketing or just to make your art popular is out of the question with the new weekly Shounen Sunday, but what will happen to the ones

From now on, the new Editor-in-chief will also be the only person to choose new titles and authors, to select the winners for the monthly awards and more. Although this will make things one-sided, it seems more than accurate since there have been complaints about the charts and awards anyway.

“I want everyone to know that everything that happens in the magazine is because of me and I carry the full responsibility if anything goes boring or wrong.”

 The new weekly Shounen Sunday will focus on one-shots, on intensive short manga series and will nurture young writers. According to Ichihara, the full results will be visible in about two years’ time, when not only the current series would have ended, but also some of the upcoming ones.

In reality, the change that will happen to the weekly Shounen Sunday will not be a surprising, rushed and sudden event. With the interview given for Natalie, Ichihara has proven he knows how to take responsibility, but now he needs to prove he can practice what h preaches.


Personally, I cannot wait to see all the new stuff that will come to the weekly edition, you?

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