Joker Game Anime PV Streamed (Video)

joker game animeThe official website of the upcoming Joker Game anime adaptation of the original novels by Kouji Yanagi will focus on spy missions during the years right before the Second World War (1937). The main man in the D Agency is Yuuki “The Lord of Darkness” and he is the one who trains monsters. These monsters travel throughout the world to discover the secrets all armies hide.

Joker Game will be a spy-centred story about the people who set-up the intelligence right before the WWII. One of the stories, as previously mentioned, explains the way a member of the Agency D was captured by the British enemies, of his escape and safe return.

The moto: Do not die. Do not kill. Deceive everyone. Survive.

Source: Official Joker Game anime website

I am following Joker Game closely, how interested are you in this new anime?

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