Diabolik Lovers More, Blood’s First Preview (Video)

Diabolik Lovers More, BloodThe first video preview for the upcoming Diabolik Lovers More, Blood has been released and it shows us just how much have the Sakamaki bothers evolved. Watch the video below and don’t forget to tell me what you think about it.

This anime is an adaptation of the original Diabolik Lovers otome games, aimed at young girls. There is a big change in the production team this season: assistant-director Risako Yoshida will be the main director of the new series. The script supervisor is also changed; Hiroko Kunasugi will replace Seiko Nagatsu. The only main production team member who will return for the second season is character designer Yuuko Yahiro.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood will be a sequel story to the first season from 2013. The new anime TV series will premiere on 23rd September on AT-X with following Tokyo MX and Niconico showings starting on 4th October.

Another special video will be shown during the Otamate Party 2015 event. It will demonstrate the new faces of another brotherly pair in the series – the Mukami boys.

Source: Official Diabolik Lovers twitter

Did you like the anime and what do you expect from the new season?

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