New Baccano! Manga to Launch in Young Gangan Magazine

baccano! manga in the future young gangan magazineYoung Gangan magazine is a Square Enix publication; it will be the new home of Baccano!. The mnaga adaptation of Ryohgo Narita’s original light novel series will begin by the end of 2015, but no exact date has been released as of today.

Baccano! is another urban story by Durarara!!’s original author Ryohgo Narita. The fist anime adaptation of the series was realised in 2007. The light novels themselves have been officially published first in 2003. This is an ongoing series.

While Funimation licensed the anime Yen Press did the same for the light novels, meaning your should be able to find them in English.

Source: Young Gangan magazine by Square Enix

Do you think this is a symbol that a new Baccano! anime may come, or is it just a milking game following the Durarara!!x2 hype?

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