My Name Is Tooko – The Windows 10 Mascot

Tooko Madobe windows 10
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There is nothing better than to have your OS themed as anime, manga or a game. Well, Windows 10 will be this the official way. Meet Tooko Madobe – the official Windows 10 mascot. She strikes a typical anime pose from Japan, wearing the official Win10 colours – blue and white.

Tooko’s name was chosen with a poll among the fans of the OS. The first name of this young woman is an homonym for the Japanese “ten” – “tou”. He bigger sisters include Windows 7’s Nanami Madobe, Windows Azure’s Claudia Madobe, Windows 8’s Yuu and Ai Madobe. Internet Explorer also has gone through the mascot phase with Inori Aizawa; her sister Hikaru Aizawa was the Windows Silverlight mascot.

Tooko also has an interesting story.

According to her profile, she comes from the year 2115. Travelling back in time, she chose 2015 exactly because of the immense technological revolution we achieved. Surely, she must mean Windows 10, considering her new occupation. Apart of teaching the newbies with her genius mind, she is also here to show us what gaming should feel like, being a huge fan of it all.

Source: Inori Aizawa official Facebook Page

Do you feel her sweet enough to make you less worried about your hardware?

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