6,000 Rokusen Manga Gets a Hollywood Adaptation

6000 rokusenBlack Swan’s producer Mike Medavoy and All Nippon Entertainment Works will collaborate with Edward McGurn and Ben Anderson (both producers alongside Medavoy) and ANEW’s Tara Billik. The 6,000 Rokusen manga is written by Nokuto Koike. It was first published by Gentosha in their Comic Birz magazine back in 2010. This is a psychological horror story from the seinen genre.

The story revolves around a team of scientists which is sent 6,000 metres underwater to revive an old research facility, which was closed three years ago. Not entirely prepared, or just unconscious of the dangers that lie ahead, the team struggles to find the right way to manage the situation. A horrifying moments clash with their logic once after the other. When will they finally give in to the nature of the deep hell?

The plot reminds us of another one of Medavoy’s former projects – Shutter Island, the 2010 hit movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Michelle Williams.

Source: Variety

Do you think this will work out, especially considering the production team?

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