Katsura Hoshino’s D.Gray-man Returns to Jump Square in August

D.Gray-Man ReturnsD.Gray-man will return to the weekly Jump Square magazine, published by Shueisha. Katsura Hoshino’s popular shounen series, which was adapted into a 103-episode anime TV series in 2006, was put on multiple hiatuses because of the mangaka’s health problems. With this announcement made official, the social media and forums exploded, because it has been missing form the pages for about two years (since 2013).

The story itself began with a very dark, a bit of a steampunk tale of a young man who joins an organisaiton to fight against evil. Typical shounen, it is. However, the unique settings, the seinen references and the fact that the show itself includes many genres is what made D.Gray-man the crowd’s favourite.

Here is how the story goes:

Innocence – a powerful substance that can unite and/or help a human fight off the children of the demon world known as Akuma. Exorcists – the people who are compatible with Innocence fragments and are able to wield the anti-akuma weapon they are provided with by their fragment. The Millenium Earl – the person who is behind the creation of the vile Akuma aiming to steal the world. Allen Walker – the child that will save them all if he has the strength and will to fight off the dark that lies within him.
Thought at first sight this shounen anime doesn’t sound like anything much too new and innovative, in reality D.Gray man is the akuma-shounen anime of all times. It has romance, comedy and drama in one and people really do feel for the characters who are not all bishounen, though a lot of them are.
(Sadly, the anime hasn’t been restarted once it cut off at episode 103. However, there are many manga chapters awaiting to be animated and even more fans who are willing to watch it.)

The best part is that, after the end of the anime, the manga kept on going and the fans stayed. How many titles do you know that can manage the hype of the anime and live to tell the tale?


Source: Mangahere

What are you expecting form this latest development in the D.Gray-Man hiatus saga?

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