UK-Only Space Dandy Trailer Revealed by Anime Limited (Video)

space dandy season oneIn Japan, the first season of the Space Dandy anime TV series aired in January last year. Now, about a year later, All the Anime (Anime Limited) is revealing the exclusive, UK-only trailer for the collector’s edition of the 13-episode season one of the hit series.

Check it out below and make sure to sing the Dandy song!

Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition: Includes clean opening and ending songs, 200-page art book, English and Japanese audio with English subtitles. There is also the design gallery. best thing is, it’s a limited-time offer and is discounted from 60 to 25 pounds.

There will be three versions of the first season and the UK fans of Watanabe-sensei will be happy with what comes alongside the discs themselves:

The other possible editions are the Blu-Ray Standard and the DVD Collector’s Edition

Source: Anime Limited

Do you fancy some dandy love in space?

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