Summer Anime Season 2015 Preview: Million Doll

Million DollBeware! On 6th July 2015, you will witness the start of another idol anime. It all began with the online-published manga by Ai called Million Doll (ミリオンドール) telling the story of an Idol trio, an underground Idol and the ambitions of the otaku… In the red corner is the ultimate hikikomori Sumire a.k.a. Suuko who possesses the great power of blogging, in the blue – charismatic Idol fan Ryuusan.

In only 12 episodes, Million Doll will try to unveil who will win the battle of the otaku and help their most favourite pop star become the next Top Idol.



million doll Ryuusan Sumire Mariko
Ryuusan, Sumire and Mariko

Hinami Kamakura
(Aya Uchida) is a very special idol – the one who got both Suuko and Ryuusan into the Idol world. Namely, their support made it possible for her to have her breakthrough act and reach top Idol status.

Momona (Yui Watanabe), Yurino (Eriko Matsui), and Rina (Mayu Iizuka) create Suuko’s favourite Idol Trio – Itorio


Mariko (Miku Itou) is a talented idol who is still struggling to become famous. Performing in DESEO – an underground club in Shibuya, she is eager to get on the big stage. Unfortunately, so far she does not have an agency and lacks the money and connections to achieve her dream.

million doll trio itorio
Trio Itorio


Sumire “Suuko” (Aina Kusuda) is a modern-day otaku and a true hikikomori (an enclosed person, never willing to leave the comfort of their home). She watches all concerts online and has never visited one live. After seeing them following a Hinami Kamakura live show, Suuko becomes a huge fan of the Idol trio Itorio. A very influential blogger herself, Suuko would like to use her power to give her favourites even more popularity. If only there were fewer fans like Ryuusan…


Ryuusan (Yuichiro Umehara) is also a fan of Hinami Kamakura but otherwise a Mariko supporter and a complete opposite of Suuko. Very outgoing and a great charmer, he is often called the ‘On-Site Charisma’ and is almost as big of a celebrity as the idols whose concerts he visits.




million doll Hinami Kamakura
Hinami Kamakura

Original Creator: Ai

Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi

Script: Momoko Murakami

Main Characters’ Design: Masahiro Yamane

Supporting Characters’ Design: Miyana Okita

Art Director: Hiroki Ozaki

3D Director: Daiji Komoriya

Director of Photography: Hisashi Goseki

Colour Design: Akemi Tejima

Editing: Yuki Honda

Animation Production: Asahi Production





Million Doll official Website

Images and Video: © Ai/COMICSMART INC.


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