Mega Man Comes back to Life as TV Anime Series

Mega Man animeDentsu Entertainment will be bringing back Mega Man! The company announced a collaboration with Man of Action Entertainment which will create a 26-eisode TV anime series based on the classic gaming franchise. The original video games by Capcom were first released in 1987 and have since grown so much that the number 130 is too small to host the titles in the series. Consoles, PC, online, mobile – the Mega Man games have given a number of opportunities for young and old to enjoy the fighting adventures of the blue robot many have grown up with.

According to the announcement, the Man of Action Ent. team will handle all the scripts, production and animation of the project. They have worked on Ben 10, Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Dentsu, on the other hand, hold all broadcasting and distribution rights.

The project is scheduled for a 2017 release when the Mega Man franchise will celebrate its 30th birthday!

On a side note, there is already an animated series based on the game. It aired in the 1990s and was a Japanese-US production. It is often excluded from the anime lists as the original language was English-only and Japanese was available at a later point.

Source: Capcom

Do you think this is the beginning of something good or will just ruin your childhood memories?

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