OVA Tokyo Kushu Jack Announced (Video)

tokyo kushu jackThe new OVA within the Tokyo Kushu (Tokyo Ghoul) universe will be called Tokyo Kushu Jack and will air in the fall anime season 2015. The storty was already published as a manga in Shueisha’s Jump Live (now Jump +) magazine. Watch the announcement PV below and read on for more details.

The story is a prequel to the main Tokyo Kushu manga. The main character in it is Kishou Arima, a high school student who puts on his Investigator’s uniform to roam the 13th Ward at night. His nickname is CCG’s Shinigami. As an active investigator. Kishou is an undefeated record-breaking official. In the main story, Koutarou Amon has expressed his admiration for the Shinigami.

The Jack in Tokyo Kushu Jack comes from this ghouls investigator’s special ability to come as a special card in the deck, fight, win and go. He was also a unique case – promoted to level two investigator in the same year he became a part of the force.

More information about the project will become available soon.

Source: Official Tokyo Kushu Twitter account

Do you think they can actually bring more to the story with more Ghouls or is it just too much?

8 thoughts on “OVA Tokyo Kushu Jack Announced (Video)

  1. Sounds utterly stupid. As it is a gaiden. Then again, having in mind this anime’s ‘development’, this may not be such a bad idea.

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