Zettai Karen Children Gets Spinoff Manga Entitled Hourousha

HouroushaShinichi Inotsume, the series composition director for both Zettai Karen Children anime TV series, will create a whole new manga series based on Takashi Shiina’s original manga series and THE UNLIMITED -Hyoubu Kyousuke- anime show. He will be working alongside Rokurou Oogaki (artist of the Hyoubu Kyousuke manga.) The project is entitled Hourousha.

The preliminary synopsis of the project tells us: Since he’s no longer an investigator, Andy Hinomiya has decided to go on a journey. There is a light at before the end of it, but what does it truly represent? What is the reflection seen in his left eye. The truth will be shown during the journey of discovery that Andy has taken on.

The tagline says that sins can only be judged by true darkness.

hIn Japanese, Hourousha, written as 放浪者, means Wanderer. No, this is not the same title as Vagabond’s original one which is written as バガボンド.

Let me remind you that you can read a review for the first anime series Zettai Karen Children and THE UNLIMITED -Hyoubu Kyousuke-

Source: Shogakukan

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