Big Screen Debut for Former Studio Ghibli’s Yojiro Arai – Taifu no Noruda (Video)

Taifu no NorudaTaifu no Noruda (Typhoon Noruda) will be the new project by Studio Colorido. The movie will be directed by Studio Ghibli’s former animator Yojiro Arai. This will be Arai’s first feature film project in this position. He has already worked on the animations in Karigurashi no Arrietty, Kaze Tachinu and Kokuriko-Zaka Kara. The movie will air on 5th June, 2015 and will be shown for a limited time in theatres across Japan.

Watch the show PV below!

Taifu no Noruda (Typhoon Noruda) has a rather mystical description, judging from what is on the website. We watch a boy who goes to middle school and his daily routine. He’s been playing baseball for years. He has a strong relationship with his best friend and all seems okay for the moment. One day, however, he suddenly leaves the team and has a severe quarrel with that very same friend. The mystery comes from the  Noruda girl and her red eyes. When the boys meet her, a huge typhoon hits the entire school.

Arai was born in 1989 and joined Studio Ghibli as an apprentice in 2008. He moved to studio Colorido in 2012.

Source: Taifu no Noruda official website

Do you think this style woudl suite Studio Ghibli or is it too different than what you like in the works of their usual directors?

4 thoughts on “Big Screen Debut for Former Studio Ghibli’s Yojiro Arai – Taifu no Noruda (Video)

  1. Sounds beautiful as a story, but it seems to me he stayed in Ghibli long enough to learn and then took off with the ready style.
    I assume there is more to it, but the animation and even colouring look too similar. I have to watch it to see what he has added.

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