Noragami Season 2 Announced

Noragami season 2Noragami season 2 was just announced…officially. The newest chapter of Adachitoka’s original manga will enter into the production stage right away. It will bring back the original staff and cast with a probability of a couple of new or changed (minor) members.

Read on for further details.

The story of a certain god was surely not complete when in 2014 we left it at episode fourteen. Now, almost exactly a year after the finale, we get to know that the tale will continue. We will discover what happened with Yatogami and his companions onwards.

Here is a list of the returning staff members:

Kotaro Tamura is directing.

Deko Akao is in control of the series composition.

Toshiro Kawamoto is designing the characters.

Studio BONES is in charge of the animation production.


All the old cast members are reprising their roles for Noragami season 2.

Source: Monthly Shounen by Kodansha

What are your favourite things about Noragami (if you have seen it)? What do you expect to happen in Noragami season 2 and how much would it deviate from the manga?

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