Gangsta Anime’s First PV Streamed (Video)

Gangsta Anime's First PV The first promotional video for the upcoming Gangsta anime adaptation of the original manga by Kohske has been released online via the Bandai Visual YouTube channel. This is not your usual PV – it’s THREE (3) minutes long and shows you all the initial scenes from the manga. This is what I call a true teaser!
Watch it below!

The story is a typical seinen action, the way I think they must be – gangs, violence, murders, a bit of comedy and a pinch of prostitution. Enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed it. This sure looks promising.

The show will air in July 2015, and it is directed by Shukou Murase, famous for his work on Ergo Proxy. Screenwriter is Hayate the Combat Butler’s Shinichi Inotsume. Series direction is in the hands of Deadman Wonderland and Berserk Ougon Jidai-hen I’s Koichi Hatsumi.

As a final note, let me remind you that I have set my eyes upon this seinen story ever since January 2012 when I wrote a short review of the manga for EGScans’ original manga magazine!

Source: YouTube and Gangsta anime panel on Animate Japan

How excited are you about this series being adapted and what do you think of the possible censorship?

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      1. Ahh.. well, there are things that can become better if adapted… And certainly, when it comes to manga serie s- there are much better titles. When it comes to TV anime series, however, things stand differently.

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