New Ghost in the Shell Movie Announced for 2015 (Video)

Ghost in the ShellA new video preview for an upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie project was released online via the official GitS YouTube channel. “The secret finally revealed” is what the announcement says. The past of a lonely soldier with a prosthetic, mechanical body.

The video is available below!

The PV shows a recap of all the previous movies as well as teasers from the upcoming title. For the moment, the project’s title is just Ghost in the Shell: A New Movie. More details are expected to come in the upcoming weeks.


When? 2nd June, 2015!

Source: Ghost in the Shell 2015 movie website

© 士郎正宗・Production I.G/講談社・「攻殻機動隊 新劇場版」製作委員会

The question is: can the franchise get back on the hardcore track after the lousy ARISE start?

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