Kangoku Gakuen Anime Visuals Revealed

Kangoku Gakuen animeThe Kangoku Gakuen anime production team has finally revealed a bit more of the visuals (in this case the poster art) of the upcoming anime. Kodansha’s weekly Young Jump magazine revealed the key visual for the summer 2015 anime alongside the new 16th volume of the manga series by Akira Hiramoto.

Click the image in this post to see the full size of it.

The image shows main characters Shingo Wakamoto, Takehito Morokuzu “Gakuto”, Kiyoshi Kujino, Jouji Nezu “Jo”, Reiji Andou “Andrei” alongside one busty female ruler on the background.

The story follows a handful of boys, the first batch of male students at a former girls-only academy. We see the comedy act known as ‘puberty’ at its full force, with a lot of censorship-asking acts and images.

There is just one previously adapted manga work by Hiramoto-sensei. Its titles is Ago Nashi Gen to Ore Monogatari and it aired in 2010.

Source: Kangoku Gakuen anime article via Mantan Web

Are you more excited seeing this image or does it put you off the story and initial ideas, shared in the previous news article?

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