Heavy Object Anime to Be by J.C. Staff

Heavy ObjectThe Heavy Object TV anime series will air in October 2015 and its animation production has been handed to the J.C. Staff (Zero no Tsukaima and F, Shakugan no Shana) studio. The official poster art also known as key visual was also revealed (left, click for full size).

See below for details on the original story and author background.

The story revolves around the Objects – new-age military-level weaponry which allows soldiers to fight enemies away from harm’s way. In the origina story by Kazuma Kamachi, with art by Nagiryo, we follow the Object pilot Milinda and the young object designer in-training Quenser. Another character, classmate of Quenser and a member of the same battalion, is Heivia – a noble, egoistic and self-centred boy.

Author background? Let’s just say ‘Toaru…’ Yes. It is this one. Index, Railgun and all their sequels, prequels and alternate stories.

Source: Mantan

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