Shishou Stories Get Anime. Title Is Damned Master (Video)

Shishou  damned master animeThe Shishou (師匠) series are an ongoing 2channel writing project which began in 2003. The stories are already 113 and counting. The novel series are concentrated on the occult and the desperation in one’s mind. While the anime TV series will be released in 2016, alongside it there will also be a live-action movie, live-action TV series and a manga title. The manga has already began its publishing life in Shounen Gahosha’s Young King OURs.

The movie will be directed by Atsushi Shimizu who has worked on background art in projects such as Phi-BrainKami no Puzzle and Motto To Love Ru. When it comes to movies, his works include Nana to Kaoru and Umezu Kazuo: Kyoufu gekijou- Negai. Writing the script for the movie will be Chiaki Konaka, famous for works in the horror and occult genre including Marebito and Door 3. His works in anime include 2003’s Astro Boy, 2001’s Hellsing and three episodes of Serial Experiments Lain.
Source: Official Shishou Stories project website
Are you up for some more horror works after Parasyte’s end in a couple of weeks?

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  1. I have really high hopes for this anime. Haven’t been so happy about some serialisation in a long while :-) Thank you for sharing!

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