Kangoku Gakuen Anime Will Air This Summer

Kangoku Gakuen The anime TV series Kangoku Gakuen (Prison School) will air in the summer of 2015. This was announced on the cover of the latest issue of the original manga by Akira Hiramoto. The most recent part of the story is volume sixteen, meaning there is plenty of story to be animated.

Read below for details on the story!

The story revolves around the five male students at the Hachimitsu Private Academy. This is the first ever year when the school allows boys in their numbers and, although it must have seemed unlikely, there are only a handfull of boys who actually enrolled. One of them is Kiyoshi Fujino, and it is him that we follow during his days as a boy surrounded by girls… but not the normal kind, definitely! Maybe this is why the story is called “Kangoku” Gakuen and not just Hachimitsu?

The manga has already been acknowledged. It received the Best General Manga award at the 2013 Kodansha event. The other title with the same prize from the same year was Gurazeni by Yuuji Moritaka and Keiji Adachi.

Source: Kangoku Gakuen at Yen Press

Do you think this might turn to be a new hype in the summer or it will just be another show that will be forgotten within a couple of months after its end?

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