Sakasama no Patema: The World Can Be So Much Different (Anime Review)

sakasama no patema animeSakasama no Patema a.k.a. Patema Inverted (サカサマのパテマ) is an anime movie by director, screenwriter and original creator Yasuhiro Yoshiura and character designer Ryusuke Chayama. The story is set during the World War II and is set in a fictional alternate version of Germany.

We follow the lives of two children, Age and Patema, who discover that the truth is not what they have been taught in neither sides of world, and that “upside down” is a question of how you look at everything.

Spoiler alert for the content of this review – read at your own risk.

The story is a touching romantic delving into the world of how one side of a war sees the other and how everything in the world is turned, according to one’s point of view. Practically, the entire movie is a depiction of bias. How does it influence even the youngest, turning them into zombies that do not even wish to think outside of the box and discover the truth beyond? Truth, lost long time ago, so long that even the adults no longer know it.

When it comes to the tale, it’s not much different than any other World War romantic story with children, including the later released Giovanni no Shima. First love in hard times. In fact, the story is barely interesting, if it wasn’t for the sole motif of the stars and the third world.

Spoiler alert: There are not just two sides of this coin, but at least as many as the feet of our characters can reach… in this case – three. To be honest, the only thing in the story which truly touches is the stars and once you watch the movie, you will either agree or strongly disagree with me about it.

For those who wonder, I am not retelling you the story too much, as this is not meant to be a synopsis-like review, but an opinion-based one. I could tell you all about the bat-men, the reversed people, the devastating friendship between families and a diary which is all there is left of both children’s closest people, but I just will not.

“Patema Inverse” by Estelle Micheau is the ending theme song of the movie and probably one of the best things in it. The music is a slow, classic-like melody with a gentle heart, while the lyrics are in Esperanto. What better choice of language could there be than the one that was planned as the uniting language of all nations?

As someone who likes piano melodies, I also enjoyed the really simple notes of “Lagos”, but it by far not the only good song in the soundtrack of the movie. It’s worth an applause.

For all the lovers of the war-based movies and stories, this one is a typical representative of the genre and you must definitely watch it. For those who are looking for a nice past-time movie to take your eyes off work or studies, I would also suggest it, because there are some really good shots when it comes to graphics.

However, when it comes to a final verdict, Sakasama no Patema is a long way from being a top-notch anime movie and it’s not just because of graphics or story – it’s just the pack that doesn’t make it.

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Seeing Upside Down
sakasama no patema
A Diary of Memories and the Future
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The Friendship Begins
sakasama no patema
Adventure to the Above
sakasama no patema
True Worlds Discovered
sakasama no patema
Enemies of Ones, Saviours for Others
sakasama no patema
Patema’s People
sakasama no patema
A School Where You Lean to Be Quiet and Idle


6 thoughts on “Sakasama no Patema: The World Can Be So Much Different (Anime Review)

  1. I agree 100% with this review. The scenario was nothing special and there was tons of hype surrounding. Maybe if you are up to a romantic pass-time, this is one of the best anime.

      1. Heh, not everything strikes me as awesome. I agree. What I think Dandelion-chan meant is that she is happy I gave you all a reason to discuss a favourite of hers.

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