Aoharu × Kikanjuu Survival Game Manga Gets Animated (Video)

Aoharu x Kikanjuu animeAoharu x Kikanjuu is a survival game manga story with three (somewhat) male protagonists and a lot of action-packed events. Volume six was released just recently, and with it we came to know of this amazing development. The TV anime series will follow the three main characters in the battle of their lives.

Watch the latest manga-based PV for Aoharu x Kikanjuu below!

This manga by NAOE was first published in 2012 by Square Enix.

Matsuoka Masamune (alias: Mattsun) works as a host and was an aspiring football player, who was only recognised for his looks, though.
Tohru Yukimura (alias: Kotori Piyoko) is a hentai mangaka and a former childhood friend and classmate of Matsuoka. They also shared the same football dream.
Hotaru Tachibana is the school council president and in fact a cross-dressing girl.
Nagamasa Midori and Fujimon are two additional characters who join the action after the original story. They will also show-up in the anime and will add even more craziness to the plot.

All of them participate in the real-life survival “game”. LARP is just a basic connection, this game is much more than just role playing. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of dramatic stories in this tale, so not everything is just “bam!” and “argh”.
Source: Aoharu x Kikanjuu at Square Enix and Natalie

Which survival anime is your favourite?

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  1. Good thing you told us she is actually cross-dressing, would not have noticed… Once again, I am hoping for a fun anime with no Haruhi…

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